How to Incorporate Scene Into Your Style Without Being Labeled

Cupcakes and razor blades. Glitter and eyeliner. Audrey, Hanna, Jeffree, Zui, Kiki, Jac, Raquel. You love it. You know you love it. But being labeled? Living life up to other people's standards? Not so much. If you're fairly against labels but--ironically enough--love scene, you best listen.


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    Stop labeling. In order to be yourself and scene at the same time, you need to get rid of your idea of labeling. Just because that girl in second period teases her bleached hair doesn't make her scene. That one girl in your math class? Yeah, she wears colored hair extensions...but she's not scene. You have to quit labeling everybody for the little things. Because you're going to have little parts of scene incorporated into how you look, right? You better stop labeling before you label yourself. Because if you're labeling yourself scene, you're going to end up looking like a poser--and that's not what you want. In other words, clear your mind of labels and don't label anybody...especially yourself.
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    Realize what you like about scene. Before you can incorporate scene into your appearance, you must know what it is you like.

    If you like the hair... Go for it! You're trying to be an individual with a hint of scene. Individuality is key in scene go for it! Dye it however you want. White to black to every neon color in between. Streaks. Clip-in extensions. Wacky hair cuts. However, if hair is what you really like about scene, you better keep it to hair. People may be directing their attention to your hair for your label. If it appears to be scene, they'll examine the rest of you for confirmation--whether they realize it or not. So if your hair is scene material, keep the rest of yourself unique. Meaning lay low on the eye liner. Don't dress typically scene. Etc. Be yourself and let your hair shine...however literal you want to take that.

    If you like the clothes... The clothes aren't really that noticeable, unlike say..Goth clothing or prep clothing--they stick to certain styles or brands that make them stick out. Scene, on the other hand, is more into what's on the clothes. Robots, dinosaurs, Hello Kitty, Skelanimals, Gloomy Bear, kiddy things, indie bands, etc. Of course, they also wear a lot of solid-colored clothing. If you love their fashion, by all means, wear it. Just tone down everything else. If you're matching your clothes with a lot of eye liner, you won't necessarily be called scene. Worse. A poser. Because you've only got half the look down (which is what you want) yet it'll look like a bad thing. You need to be respected by the true scenes...not shunned.

    If you're into the makeup... Wear it. Accent it with something else scene so that you're not thought to be emo or something else! The makeup is into heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow. (False eyelashes, as well, thanks to Jeffree Star!) Bright colors or dark's up to you. So accent it with the clothing, slightly. And by clothing, I mean wear more bright things among the style of scene. As stated, you shouldn't be taken as emo. Just make sure you don't have wild hair with your wild makeup. That's most of the scene appearance right there! Have more natural hair if you're going to go for the makeup. Wear more bright clothes, if wanted, to avoid other labels.

    If you just like some of everything... Good for you! You get the least picky of ways to look. Tease your hair, if you desire. Not too much or too dramatic. A bow once in a while doesn't hurt, as long as it's not that big and accents your hair and face more than it does stand out. Base your clothing off scene, but don't limit it. It's cool that you have that Hello Kitty shirt, but it's also cool that you have your Pirates of the Caribbean shirt! Wear some scene-inspired clothing, but most importantly, wear what you like! Also wear some eyeliner if you want. Not heavy but somewhat noticeable. Eyeshadow is optional. Don't go for the false lashes. Heavy blush is okay as long as it's blended well. Basically, go for the makeup, but don't overdo all.
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    Unsceneify yourself if you're already all-out scene. Quit those MySpace trains. Stop sending out the wh_-me bulletins. Take the scene queens --including Star--off your top. Your MySpace says a lot about who you are. Be more normal on MySpace. However, it's okay to keep your friends, comments, interests, etc. hidden like some do. You also need to stray from your scene friends. Moving on isn't easy to do. Maybe you don't want to. That's okay, but make sure they know what's going on in case they ditch you, in the rare case your friends are like that. Also, if you're going to keep scene friends, don't let them influence you. Just because this one girl is going to a show and bringing all the other friends with her doesn't mean you have to come. Just because this other friend of yours is getting snakebites doesn't mean you have to come and get a septum. Just remember that you don't have to be everything your friends are.
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    If you have to work your way up, don't be called a poser. It takes a long time to gradually become scene and avoiding being called a poser. You know, slowly but surely. Well, you want to be individualistic while being slightly scene, right? Even though you're not going to be fully scene, you need to still work slowly. And remember, subtly is key. If you have too much scene but you're still yourself, you're going to be called a poser for looking part of the part. Look somewhat scene. BUT BE SUBTLE. Too much is posing if you won't be completely scene. And you want respect from the real scene kids, trust me.
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    The most important thing of all: Learn to be yourself! That may seem a little odd, seeing how this is supposed to help you be slightly part of a labeled look. But understand that the other part is purely your individuality. Think outside the box. Don't be limited to what people think is fashion or what is defined inside of labels. You may be partly scene, but the other part is individuality. So be who you want to be. Don't cave into the wide world of scene. Take a piece of it and use it to become your own person. Scene should just be a tiny chunk of who you really are.


  • Don't get sucked into looking strictly scene and individualistic like this guide says. The key to this guide is how you can combine your own style and thoughts with those of scene.
  • Don't go overboard with scene. Let it just be part of you.
  • Always remember that it's more important to please yourself, not others.
  • Get the respect of scene kids, not their shunning.
  • Remember not to label other people so that you don't label yourself. In doing so, you're creating a more welcome atmosphere for scene and individuality at the same time.
  • Pick scene hair, clothes, or makeup. Then focus on that and avoid looking scene in anything else. You can also combine the three, but very very subtly.


  • Do not view this guide as strict guidelines. This is just to give you a head start, or even inspiration.
  • This guide is not an oxymoron. You can be an individual while admiring a label. It's all about how you incorporate the two together to create something totally new.
  • Be careful not go overboard and become fully scene; remember to stay true to yourself and remain individualistic.

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