How to Incorporate a Veil into a Wedding Ceremony

The delicate appearance and properties of the bridal veil can be associated with the bride herself, making it a staple in weddings ranging from the traditional to the ultra modern for generations to come.


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    Lower the bridal veil right before the bride enters the wedding chapel. The process of lowering the wedding veil is much like a mini ritual in itself. There is an attendant which lowers the wedding veil for the bride. The individual performing the ritual can vary from a member of the staff, one of the bridesmaids or even the bride's mother. In any case, the attendant or assistant must gently lower the veil, making sure that it does not hit or get tangled with the tiara. Another consideration is that the bridal veil must also cover the bouquet without ruining any of the flowers.
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    Have the groom lift the bride's wedding veil. This is meant to symbolize the man's responsibility of assisting the bride. During this time, the bride is not expected to assist the groom.
    • After getting the cue from the pastor to lift the wedding veil, the couple will face each other. Depending on the distance, the groom may need to step closer to the bride.
    • If the bride has a full skirt, the groom will need to carefully place at least one of his feet under her wedding dress if necessary.
    • With the palms facing the bride and fingers pointing upwards, the groom places his hands at the bottom of the wedding veil. He gently lifts the veil straight up, making sure that there is no sagging.
    • Hold this position for a few seconds to allow the photographers and other guests to take photographs.


  • Practice walking with the veil on a few days prior to the wedding itself.

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