How to Improve Your Thinking Skills

Having trouble with your thinking skills? Here are some tips to improve your thinking skills.


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    Take some breathing exercises. The best way to breath is to take it from your belly. Many people do not know this mode of breathing. Take several slow breaths from your belly. Stomach breathing activates your brain. It helps you to improve your thinking skills and memory.
    • Deep breathing also increases the oxygen flow to your brain cells. As a result they become more active.
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    Studies also have shown that Chewing gum also can help you improve you thinking skills. The act of chewing gum increases the flow of blood to your brain. People chewing gum are able to concentrate better and remember new information better. It is good to use sugar free gum to avoid any side effects.
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    You can also try arm circles. It is good to go to a place where no one can see you. It is enough to do 10-15 set of arm circles.To do an arm circle,just extend your arm straight out to the front. Then swing your arm all the way behind you and back to the front. Always keep your elbow blocked while performing these exercises. It will increase you heart rate which is considered good for your brain.
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    Make use of some brain games. Puzzles and brainteasers force your mind to get in active mode. The various types like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc can be made use of for this purpose.
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    Drink enough water. Don't go for sodas, colas or coffee. Don't eat chocolate or sweets. They'll decrease your ability to concentrate and remember things. It is said that many people are dehydrated all the time and don't realize it. Your brain is easily affected by it. Therefore, make sure that you drink enough water.
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    Having too much food that contains fat or sugar will badly affect your thinking skills. Taking not meals can make you tired. Therefore, eat a small, balanced meal. Include foods that help the brain operate well, such as fish, vegetables, and whole grains.
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    When you are trying to study try using all the senses. The different parts of your brain remember different sense impressions. For example images are stored in one area and sounds in another.
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    When you study new information, set a timer. Allot only a specific amount of time to learn the material. You can again subdivide them. Maybe something like this, 10 minutes to read, 20 minutes to review and 10 minute to recite. It will force you to focus because you know that your time is limited.


  • As said before puzzles can be really helpful. They force you to think of something very deeply. They make you brain work. They bring out all the reasoning ability in you. Try to buy a book of puzzles to have better practice.
  • If you get better sleep you'll be able to think better.
  • Meditation can be helpful to think better. Start with 5 minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed,every day.


  • Seek to succeed rather than entertaining thoughts of failure.

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