How to Improve Your Style and Wardrobe

You want to be the 'original' girl whose clothes are cool and looks are better. You need to get the make-up look, get the hair, and get the clothes right so you can be the unique girl that everyone admires. In this article it tells you how to clear out your wardrobe and how to fill it again. It will take time to do this but in the long-run it will be worth it to see the gaze from people as you walk by!! Good Luck and happy shopping!! :)


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    Be Patient. Before you begin let me tell you this will take some time to do, if you transform yourself it will change how you feel and maybe it will change what other people think. You will hopefully have more confidence in your self since you will be wearing new clothes and have a new well-suited haircut. You will have to work to obtain this by buying latest fashions, styling your hair and applying your make-up to look natural.
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    Buy a fashion and make-up book. You will need this to help you with your choices throughout the re-vamp!
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    Clear out all drawers and you wardrobe. To clear out clothes you should start with throwing out what is ripped and what is too small. Once you have done that you should now be able to clear out what you don't like. Then with shoes try all on and clear out what you need too following the rules above. With accessories throw out the broken and dispose of them, with make-up throw out the empty, the messy and the ones that don't compliment your skin tone. Once you have everything you are going to clear out decide what you can sell, fix or give away to a friend or charity.
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    Ask a friend to go shopping in a huge place with you. Think about what friend would be best to go with, one that isn't too nice to say no to a bad outfit, one that won't get bored, one that will stay with you and do her own shopping as well, one that will make the shopping trip fun and one who can crack a laugh and isn't picky where she eats and shops. Ask the friend who you decide along to a huge shopping trip to make the re-vamp more fun.
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    Buy the make-up first. Do a checklist and tick off what you have at home already before you go shopping. You will need a foundation (the shade should match your skin tone as much as possible), blusher, a pink for pale skin or a plum for darker, lipstick (a red for pale porcelain type complexions if you want to look doll-like which is a good look with floral or for tanned for an easy going look, a plum for darker skin or a pale pink for girly girl looks such as vintage or glamour) eyeliner (go for black or you could be adventurous and go for blue, brown, purple or pink), mascara(go for black, brown or clear for work/school/parties or for a very party look go for blue, purple or pink), concealer(again one shade lighter than skin tone), eyebrow pencil(in same colour as brow), lip liner(same colour as lipstick), lipgloss(shiny clear is always good) and any sparkly stuff (use sparingly!) for nights out. If you shop in a department store for make-up ask the people at the desk for advice and it is probably a good idea to get better quality too.
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    Buy essentials! 10 t-shirts both long sleeved and short, 6 jeans, 4 shorts, 4 dresses, 5 jumpers/cardigans, 3 pairs of pyjamas, underwear, ankle socks, ballet flats, sandals, leather boots, suede boots and a cute pair of slippers.
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    Buy extras. Buy blouses for work and cute flowing skirts. Pencil skirts are also a good option for more formal work environments. Buy a few more sandals and a couple pairs of heels, buy things that catch your eye or makes you look amazing.
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    Buy accessories. If you wear the same outfit over and over it will look different with a new necklace, bangle, shoes, belts, bags, purses and hairbands.
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    Buy a fancy dress for occasions. Choose a little black dress or a lovely dress that will be timeless so you don't always need to re-vamp your wardrobe to update the fashion.
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    With a friend go to a spa. Get manicures, makeovers, facials, pedicures, massages and a haircut.
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    To finish off a tiring day of shopping have a girls night in with a box of sweets and a movie. At the end of the day you will want nothing more than a box of chocolates and a long movie wrapped in a blanket in your pajamas.


  • Before going research what colour suits you, your body shape and what suits it, your face shape and what suits it and how you can emphasize your best features and what make-up you need to do so!
  • If working on a budget, make a list of the things you need way ahead of time and have a price options for each one. For instance, if you can't afford a designer perfume, then you can go for something less that still smells great.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes for the day out.
  • Make sure you now the style your going for- go for vintage, classic, glamour, boho, tomboy, street, mature or rock.
  • When clearing out make sure that you don't throw out anything that would be good to sell on the internet.
  • If you don't feel comfortable while wearing something in the changing rooms don't buy it because you won't wear it and it will be a waste of your money which you could spend on an item of clothing that would make you feel great.


  • Don't throw away everything if your budget is tight. Don't throw away a t-shirt just because it has a little stain that could be removed with some work.
  • Keep receipts and don't leave the till without checking change and that you have everything with you.

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