How to Improve Your Performance Through NLP

We all want to improve our performance, whether it be at work, on the football pitch, or around the house. This article will help you to use NLP to change the way you think about yourself and how you perform in certain situations, then give you some practical steps to help you become the very best you can.


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    Make use of the circle of excellence. Imagine an invisible circle on the floor. In your imagination, make it about 3 feet (0.9 m) in diameter and 2 feet (0.6 m) in front of you, something large enough to walk into.
    • You can draw chalk on the floor, or draw a circle on paper if you like when you are first training to master this mental technique.
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    Visualize. Go inside the circle and imagine that you are wonderful at what you want to be doing. For example, if you are a golfer and want to have a perfect put, imagine yourself as that person. See yourself doing that. How would you stand? How do you look? What do you wear? Flood your body with the good feelings of your confident performance. Imagine yourself carrying out this task and watch yourself doing it as if you are watching yourself in a film.
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    Wear somebody else's shoes for a moment. In your mind, you can use visualization to step-into-the-shoes-of role of someone you admire to get into that state you want. Imagine Tiger Woods, for example, and build a representation in your mind of that person who can do what you want to do well.
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    Be aware that your brain cannot tell the difference between a real history and an imagined history or the history of others. All you have to do is emotionally capture that feeling of excellence using whatever role models or scenario playing that works for you. Go ahead, no one will know!
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    Capture the moment. Step automatically into the powerful state you've created within the circle. Move into that circle of excellence. Step into the picture of yourself, imagine it's as if you step into that person, that set of states, the whole of that experience.
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    Anchor this as a resource state so that you can bring it up at any time you require it. In other words, figure out how to draw upon this state at will by practicing it, and then associating some mental or physical link or cue with it to bring it back when needed. That might be tapping your fingers, holding your arms in a certain way, or whatever physical link you can easily and accurately repeat. Repeat with more experiences to enhance the power of the circle of excellence. Use this method whenever you feel you need to boost your performance.


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