How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

A leader is someone with followers. Look around. Is anyone following you? If not, you are not a leader. Refer to article on "How To Build Leadership." On the other hand, if you have followers, your greatest gift to them is competent leadership. Here are the steps to get started on improving your leadership skills.


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    Know where you are going. If you are not clear about the destination, you will wind up some place else and so will those looking to you for direction. Leaders have vision. Make sure your vision is clear and written down.
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    Know why you are going there. There is no point in doing something extremely well, if it doesn't need to be done at all. Who benefits? What are the consequences of NOT realizing the vision?
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    Understand how progress towards the vision is measured. What will it look like when the vision is a reality?
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    Know your resources. Use them. Ordinary leaders have accomplished extraordinary things with very little.Work with what you have, where you are, with the time available. Everyone has 24 hrs. a day. Use them in pursuit of the goals that get you where you want to go.
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    Be yourself. Nobody can be who you are with your unique history, perspective, and combination of strengths and weaknesses. Be yourself, but be your "best" self. Second rate character leads to second rate results.


  • Read biographies of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama to know leadership in real life.
  • Become a student of self-improvement. It will take you a lifetime to become your best self and be a worthy example to others.
  • Effective leaders are effective communicators. Even bad people can be good leaders because of the incredible power of persuasive speech.
  • Start small. Lead children. Lead friends. Lead groups.
  • Much has been written on the subject of Leadership. Read books on the topic. You cannot improve leadership skills if you don't know which ones are essential.
  • Hire a coach or find a mentor to hold you accountable for progress towards fulfilling the vision.
  • The best leaders are teachers. Know something worthwhile. Tell others.


  • Don't take fear too seriously. Let it guide you not stop you.
  • Leaders bring the power of others together. They aren't the smartest or necessarily the most talented. They don't have to know everything. They just have to know how to win people's support for the vision.
  • Make corrections. Some people will call them mistakes. An airplane is slightly off course a certain percentage of the time during the flight from point A to point B. The reason the plane makes it to the destination is because of the navigation instruments. They keep the pilot on course by informing him or her of the appropriate corrections.
  • Leadership makes you a target for people who disagree with you. It is a terrible responsibility. Ask anyone who has failed.

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