How to Improve Your Health & Work Productivity at Same Time

Five Methods:Stretch yourself every 40 minutesAvoid the use of elevatorExercise everydayGet an ergonomic chairStart using a treadmill desk

Homo sapiens began to evolve around 200,000 years ago. Since their first appearance in Africa humans have spent most of their time walking, running, climbing, and swimming. Sitting was dangerous during much of the humanity’s history because to stop was to become an easy target for a hungry lion or cheetah. This has changed. The industrial revolution of 200 years ago and the rise of the modern service economy have brought about profound changes in lifestyle. Today a large number of individuals--particularly in North America, Europe, and Japan--spend a large part of their day sitting on a chair. This was inconceivable during 99.99 per cent of the time that humans have roamed this planet.Sitting is dangerous. Although there are no carnivorous beasts stalking us in modern cities, in the long run, sitting can be just as lethal. A report in 2012 The Lancet claimed inactivity is the cause of 5.3 million deaths a year. This should be a warning call for individuals with a sedentary lifestyle.

Method 1
Stretch yourself every 40 minutes

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    Humans have evolved to run, climb trees, swim, and partake in other physical activities. Evolution has not designed us to sit in a chair for eight-nine hours a day. If your work involves sitting in front of a computer everyday; make it a habit to stand up and stretch yourself every 40 minutes.

Method 2
Avoid the use of elevator

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    Is your office or house on the first, second, or third floor? Avoid using elevators. Use stairs. It is good for your health. Walking on a road and climbing and descending stairs reduces the risk stroke, initial heart attacks, and type 2 diabetes.

Method 3
Exercise everyday

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    Nothing beats inactivity as exercise. Make it a habit to wake up early and exercise everyday. If you work at night, create an activity schedule. A little exercise every day can go a long way to undo the harms of excessive sitting.

Method 4
Get an ergonomic chair

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    If you spend eight, ten, or even fourteen hours in sitting everyday, get an ergonomic chair. Sitting on these chairs is safer because they do not hurt your posture and reduce the bad effects of sitting long hours on uncomfortable chairs.

Method 5
Start using a treadmill desk

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    Treadmill desks are the probably the most technologically advanced way to stay fit and become productive. The philosophy behind treadmill desks is that most people cannot go out for a walk. So they have brought walking into office. The desks come with a treadmill, on which you walk at a leisurely pace of two or three kilometres an hour. The slow speed of the mill does not hamper your ability to type, write, and think. At the same time you get all the benefits of walking.

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