How to Improve Your Airsoft Skills

So you want to join the ranks of airsoft players, but don't want to 'die' in the first thirty seconds of play? Then welcome, soldier. Training begins now.


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    Before you enter the battlefield, it's a good idea to get in some training. You can find airsoft guns online (a simple search will turn up lots of sites, as well as good old eBay) or at a local retailer (many sporting goods stores sell airsoft guns). Remember that you get what you pay for, and while that Wal-Mart gun is a lot less expensive, you'll be lucky to hit anything with it. A quality pistol should run you from 80 to 150 USD, and a quality assault rifle should go for about 130 to 250 dollars,and the best guns range from about 250 to 500 bucks, but you don't always need to spend that much to get a great gun. If you're new, you probably shouldn't spend lots of money to get a scoped rifle or a sniper rifle, as you won't have the skills necessary to use it effectively.
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    Take your gun out to your backyard (not to public property, as the police might not like it) and set up some targets. Empty plastic water bottles work well. Try hitting them from increasing distances, at odd angles, and while moving. Remember, you have to account for drop. Air resistance slows the plastic BBs, and gravity causes them to fall. The farther you are, the higher up you will have to aim to hit the same target.
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    Once you're fairly well practiced at killing defenseless plastic, it's time to move up to bigger game. Find a local airsoft team, or try with your friends. The more you do it, the better you will become. If you are brave enough the best thing to do is let someone empty a magazine on you. It hurts like heck but it will help you to become more acquainted with how badly it hurts, thus allowing you to be that much bolder for it.
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    So, now you're after the ultimate game: man. Being prepared for what your opponent will do is essential. For the sake of keeping this short, we will recklessly break down the myriad numbers of styles and skill levels into two basic types - Defense Oriented and Offense Oriented.
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    Defense Oriented players tend to stay in a general area, either guarding an important location or laying in wait for passing enemies. The harder to 'kill' of the types, skilled D.O. players will have selected a tactically superior position and have hidden themselves well. If they are experienced, you will not see them. Try to listen for where the gun shot is coming from and take cover You will have to pay attention to their work. Allies dropping 'dead' at a seemingly deserted intersection is a good indication that an enemy sniper is present. Try to track the possible locations the sniper could be lying in, based on the location of his kills. Attempt to maneuver around his field of fire, and creep up out of sight until you can see him. Take careful aim, and remove him from the battle.
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    It has also been suggested that one could mislead the sniper into believing you don't know he's there, by pointing your weapon in some other direction, all the while secretly watching him. The problem with this is, is that if the sniper can see you pretending not to see him, he will not leave cover to engage you. He will stay where he is and shoot you.
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    Offense Oriented players won't wait for you to come to them - they're coming to get you. They are easier to find, coming through the brush looking for you. But wait, that seemingly easy target could be a trap, bait intended to locate you. Find the nearest cover you can, as quietly as you can. Scan the area around and behind the O.O. player coming at you. If no one seems to be escorting him, then take him out. Engage the enemy with a minimum of movement and sound, so that if he is being covered, they may not see you.
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    Remember, the more you play, the better you will become. Don't be disheartened if you can't seem to win. Ask fellow players for help, and keep trying. Good luck, be safe, and over all - Have Fun!


  • More experienced players would be wise to select their weapon to match their environment. Machine pistols, effective in close quarters combat, are no match for heavier assault rifles over longer distances.
  • Always move under cover.
  • Newer players are encouraged to opt for a mid size automatic weapon. Smaller automatic rifles such as the H&K MP5 provide good re-fire rates, decent accuracy and a package small enough for the unskilled to use effectively.
  • Don't stay in one place. They will find you. Move around often, and try to stay with a small group of about 2-5 people. This will make you or a teammate less likely to be shot and will help you spot the enemy quicker. 10 eyes are better than 1.


  • Do not shoot at anything except a player or inanimate object. No animals, no people who aren't playing.

Things You'll Need

  • Quality airsoft gun
  • Cover such as a rock, trees, or simply tall grass
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Enough protection (eye protection and the like, as well as thick clothing preferably of a color to blend in with the background) so you won't be afraid of getting hit
  • An airsoft grenade if you have 1 or 2 scare the enemy out of his cover (optional, for use against Defense Oriented opponents)

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