How to Improve Your Aim

Aiming takes a lot of concentration and practice. If you want to get the perfect shot, you have to know exactly where to point to the intended target and not miss.


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    Look directly at the spot which you would like to hit. Try to focus on the spot and line up your arm with your line of sight.
    • If you are throwing a pointed object like a dart then try to make it's tip line up with the object.
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    Steady yourself. While aiming, your hand should not shake. Stop for a moment and take a deep breath to steady yourself.
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    Throw in the intended direction. Make sure that the throw is light and not too forceful as too much force will cause the object you are throwing to veer off course.
    • Imagine an arc from your arm to the target and try to throw it in that direction.Try to give the object a spin so that it stays on course.
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    If you miss, try again. Practice makes perfect, the more you practice aiming the better you get.
    • Keep practicing for a couple of hours daily.
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    Take notes on how close you are to your intended target and try to avoid the mistakes you made the last time.


  • Using darts would be a very good way to practice aiming, as you have to hit directly into the bull's eye.
  • try to use a small object first, you can then move on to more bulky ones.


  • Be careful that nothing and nobody is in your way. You may hurt them.

Things You'll Need

  • An object to throw.
  • A target, a bull's eye is usually good for a beginner.

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