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With so many issues in the environment, from several forms of pollution to overpopulation, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, there are countless quick and easy ways to help improve environment.


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    One of the most basic methods for improving is, of course, recycling. Plastic items with every number of resin identification code is recyclable, but varies from location to location.
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    Avoid utilizing plastic bags if at all possible. Reusable bags (such as cloth bags) are an alternative, and after 6-10 uses, you make up for the energy used to make it. After your reusable bag is ineffectual, it can be given to the Grateful Thread.
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    Electrical use is the biggest household energy consumer. Even when electronics are not in use, they still require energy, so shut down your computer(s) every night. It takes all of 5 seconds.
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    You can actually grow food from scraps. Instead of waste ending up in landfills, they can be used to provide more food. Carrot tops (with the greens), garlic, green onions, and potatoes all work. Pineapples can be grown from tops as well, but requires 2 years to produce fruit.
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    Eat locally! The fuel needed to transport food is a huge contributor to carbon emissions.

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