How to Improve Selling Skills Using the Sales Game

Improve your skill in relating to people by playing the sales game. This is a multi-step process created by Jerry Stocking. It involves increasing your comfort level by approaching people and getting over your fear of rejection.


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    Go on a scavenger hunt. Walk around a neighborhood and knock on a door. Look the person in the eye and see what goes on in your body. Tell them you're on a scavenger hunt and ask if they have a paperclip, canceled stamp, piece of junk mail, potato chip, etc. (use your imagination). If they ask you why you're doing it, tell them you're working on being more friendly and talking to strangers. Do this until it becomes completely natural.
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    Give gifts away. Find something inexpensive. (Don't worry about the stories in your head or what people will say/think, most people throw them away). Wrap them in Xmas wrapping paper or some other gift wrap. Start with 10 and approach random people and come up with a story that is natural to you. (Notice how we usually tell white lies...try telling the truth). Notice what goes on in your body when people say no and look at you strangely. Don't worry about them, just go on to someone else. The next 10 give to someone of the opposite sex you find attractive. After that, the final 10 should go to someone of the same sex who reminds you of your parent of that sex.
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    Find something inexpensive to sell. Under a buck. Then create a sales script that you can memorize. Make the pitch less than 60 seconds long. Something like this: "Hi, you look like you might like to have fun. (This stops them, you've got about 10 seconds to keep their attention). I'm supposed to sell these "articles" and if I can't have fun doing it, I don't want to do it. It takes 60 seconds, would you listen?" If they say no, say thanks and you're on to your next prospect. If they say yes, give them the rest of your pitch. Tell them it's a game that your playing to break up your habit of not approaching strangers. Be light. Have fun. Watch their eyes and see if you can smile and connect with them.
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    Always ask for the sale. "Would you buy this "article" for $1 now?) Most people never ask for the sale, you've got to ask every time. If they say "no" say ok, I had fun and thanks for playing (this is a game). If they say "yes," make the exchange and see how great you feel.
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    Make your price more than $1 if you're having success.


  • The idea of this game is to get over our anxieties of talking to strangers. Have fun, this is not serious but we make it way too serious. We feel rejection, etc. and that's just a body state that can be overcome. So lighten up and enjoy.
  • You might learn that we don't sell "things." That it's the human relationship that people want and will pay for. That's what will improve your sales skills if you are a sales professional.
  • Seek out good places to approach people. A store like Costco or Target is good where there is a lot of traffic. Be careful that you don't do it by the front door. They usually do not own the parking lot so they can't ask you to leave.


  • If people act weird just thank them and walk away. Be aware of shop owners who don't want you hanging out in front of their stores, even though the sidewalks are public areas.If someone says no, just smile and say thanks..It's just their anxiety showing up.

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