How to Improve Self Care

What is self care? Some say it is about confidence; some say it denotes personal care. Both are right, but the best meaning of self care is if you have confidence, high self esteem, positive thinking, will power, good relationships, good memories and determination.

If you are missing something do not worry, it's the time to change your life positively. Do not be stressed; just take action.


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    Sit alone in your room or anywhere do you like to go, with your diary, pen and paper.
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    Be honest. On one page, mention the day, date, and time. It is very important because through this you will understand in how many days you get the results.
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    Make the lists of your hobbies, your best qualities, your best achievements, your best relationships, your favourite colours, dresses, dishes and best moments. It will make you feel very relaxed and good about yourself.
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    Make the list of bad things in yourself. Some people are reluctant to do this, but try to be as honest as you can. If you do not know what is bad about yourself, ask someone. Ask your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister or others. Choose people who know you well and even compare their answers to those of people who are less familiar with you - for example, a co-worker.
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    Write in your diary about someone who hurt or angered you. Talk to him or her in person, and try to forgive them. You will then feel very relaxed because in this world, you and only you are most important. Being able to forgive people does not mean what they did was alright. It only means that you choose to not feel angry about it anymore, which can be very liberating.
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    Exercise daily, without making excuses. Try to go out for a morning walk after your breakfast. As well as having many advantages to fitness and digestion, appreciating your surroundings brings peace. Walk somewhere green and full of nature if you can.
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    Go to the hair parlour, change your style, cut, color, or have a massage. If you have do not a lot of money, you can do some of these things at home or find cheaper alternatives. If you have more money, go out and participate in the world around you. Shop, eat, see a film or hear some new music. Humans have evolved a need in their lives for art and culture. Dance if you have don't have health problems, or arrange a party.
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    Talk in a positive way. Talk to yourself and about how you want more confidence, high self-esteem. For example:
    • I deserve to be happy and successful because I am most important in this world.
    • I have the power to change my self.
    • I have the power to forgive others.
    • I forgive myself for my past.
    • I can make my own choices and decisions.
    • I deserve love.
    • I am a very special and valuable person.
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    Pay attention what you want, sit alone or listen to your inner voice, listen to what your body, mind and heart want because these are your best friends in this world.
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    Always eat healthy food. Avoid junk food. Make a list of what and when you eat in your diary, and make changes where necessary. Also note if these changes give you more energy, or make you feel happier.
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    Stand in front of a mirror. See yourself with love and repeat these words in your mind.
    • I am very beautiful.
    • Everyone is kind to me.
    • I have a great personality.
    • I deserve respect.
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    Avoid those people who treat you badly, sit near good people.
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    Take time and do things you enjoy, like cooking, art, home decorating, etc.
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    Make a special meal for yourself. Decorate your table with candles or decorate your dishes.
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    Learn something new and improve yourself. Learn a language, a skill or a new hobby.
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    Laugh loudly. Take deep breaths because your brain needs fresh air.


  • Never stop trying to improve yourself.
  • Help other people, it will make you feel good as well.
  • Watch comedy movies, cartoons, ect. Inject some humour into your life.
  • When you are in tough situation. just say to yourself, I can handle this. I am brave. I can solve this.
  • When you go out for walk, walk with your significant other. They will be happy that you want to be with them.
  • Try yoga. It will keep you relax.
  • If you do not have money for the parlour, try home remedies. *Make drinks. Take 5 almonds, boil them in water, then peel the skin off. Then take 1 cup of milk, pour in the milk and almonds then grind them. After that, if you like sugar add some, or grind again.
  • Always be positive. You don`t need to take yourself so seriously.


  • Do not be proud. Accept your mistakes.
  • Never swear in anger or say bad things about people, this keeps you from being calm and peaceful.
  • Try not to be unnecessarily negative, but do not be afraid of your own feelings and express yourself when necessary.
  • Never keep your expectations from others, you do not have to do everything.
  • Try not to judge others, but do not shame yourself for your own feelings.
  • If you feel your bad moods may be caused by a serious health condition, consider professional help.

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