How to Improve eCommerce Shipping Through Protective Packaging

For an eCommerce company, there is more to just delivering the ordered goods on time and with the best price. It is also important to make sure that the ordered goods or products are delivered in perfect condition to the customers, and this is not possible without the help of protective packaging. Products like electronic goods, glassware, ceramics, cosmetics, medical devices, etc. require effective packaging to render them protection during transit. Much of the reputation of an eCommerce company depends upon its packaging efficiency and conditions of delivered goods as damaged objects mar customer satisfaction as well as the brand name of the company.Following certain protective packaging steps can definitely help the company to deliver undamaged goods in perfect condition.


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    Work with precise packaging machines. It is important to invest in powerful and immaculate protective packaging machines like cushion-making machines and bubble-wrapping machines of different sizes that can be applied for varied packing purposes. High quality protective packaging devices provide unmatched protection against weight shifting and impact.
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    Select the right box. The next important step is to select the right size, shape and weight of the box for product shipping. It is advised to use a corrugated box and it is also important to make sure that the box is neither too big nor too small to hold the product. Adhere to the recommended gross weight limit of the box
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    Take care of the gaps. Next, remember to wrap the item or the product precisely with an air cushion or bubble wrap. Make sure that the item/items don’t hit each other or the walls of the box. Use air cushions or Styrofoam to fill up the space or the clearance.
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    Mend the corners. Pay attention to the corners or movable components of the items and package them well with bubble wrap or air cushions as they are more susceptible to breakage, damage, or cracks. Air cushions with their high-quality resistance to popping are highly recommended for this kind of packaging.
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    Pack hollow items well. In case the company is looking to ship hollow products such as bowls, vases, glass jars, etc. it is imperative to pack the products with an air cushion or similar stuffs. This will keep your items from breakage or cracks under pressure or impact while in transit.
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    Pack flat-based items safely. For flat, yet fragile items, like glass or ceramic plates, pottery items, etc., it is advised to cover the entire product with a layer of inflated air cushion film. Make sure to wrap the items well so that the flat plates will not collide with each other.
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    Place the packaged products securely inside the shipping boxes. Proper positioning of the items according to their fragility, weight, and size also renders safety from breakage due to unnecessary pressure from other goods. Keep the heavier products below the less heavy ones and try to utilize the maximum space inside the box.


  • It always counts to provide proper training and instructions to the personnel of the packing section so that they acquire adeptness in the same
  • It is also advisable that companies should use environmentally healthy and recyclable protective packaging options while packaging their substances.
  • It is always advisable to use tried and tested methods when it comes to protective packaging as that furthermore reduces the chance of product damages while shipping.

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