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Two Methods:Importing Content By Asking Permission (For Most Websites)Import Content Without Asking Permission

Many folks love writing great articles on wikiHow, but find that they cannot come up with enough topics. One solution for that is to "import" topics and content into wikiHow from other sources. However, you cannot copy and paste content from somewhere else on the internet and use it, in which it would be copyright infringement. Here is how to import content legally.

Method 1
Importing Content By Asking Permission (For Most Websites)

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    Find good instructions that are not yet in wiki form. Thousands of websites, books, and magazines have instructions.
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    Search wikiHow to make sure that exact topic is not already covered on wikiHow and to prevent your contribution from being merged. The wiki collaborative writing process works best when many people edit one page on each topic, rather than maintaining multiple pages on the same exact topic. If you find an existing article on a substantially similar topic to the one you want to write, feel free to edit and improve the existing article. Add the imported content as an alternative method.
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    Obtain permission to use this content on wikiHow. Most content on the internet and books are copyrighted and not legal to bring into wikiHow without explicit permission from the author or copyright holder. Email the author, webmaster, photographer or copyright holder a well written letter asking for permission. A sample permission letter that you can modify is available at WikiHow:Boilerplate-Request-for-Copyright-Permission. Or you can copy and paste the following into your email:
    • Hello. I am a volunteer editor at, where contributors from around the world are to collaboratively develop the world's largest, free how-to manual. I came across your webpage at SOURCE PAGE URL and it is a fantastic page, with content that would be incredibly useful on wikiHow. Could permission be obtained to put some of your content on to wikiHow? wikiHow will provide attribution and hyperlinks back to your website, so you receive credit and perhaps some additional visitors to your website. We license everything on wikiHow with a Creative Commons License, so other people can freely copy and redistribute our work, therefore guaranteeing that wikiHow will always be free. You may view the "Terms of Use" for details ( If this is acceptable to you, please let me know. Thanks, YOUR NAME HERE, Volunteer wikiHow Editor.
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    If it is a blogger, try to include a link to wikiHow:Bloggers.
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    If you do get permission, send a copy of the reply you receive from the copyright holder to "Permissions -at-" That way wikiHow will have evidence that permission from the copyright holder was obtained if it ever becomes necessary.
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    Use the content to make a great wikiHow article. If the author or webmaster has granted you permission, you can freely copy and paste text and images from the original article. It is still a good idea to do a little background research and summarize the steps in your own words.
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    Content from other websites, even those written in how-to format, do not always follow wikiHow format. First person references (I, me, or my) is typically seen (mostly around blogs) and should be omitted before using on wikiHow. At times, instructions need to be edited so that they sound more instructional.
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    Doing additional background research will make the article better rounded and accurate, and also sets wikiHow's article apart as being a comprehensive source of information, rather than just a duplicate of instructions found elsewhere on the Internet.
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    Putting content in your own words is better than copying and pasting because it helps you spot typos, grammar mistakes, formatting differences, and any lack of clarity within the instructions you're importing.
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    Place the proper attribution on the article. In the "Sources and Citations" section of the page, write out the URL of the original article and after it, write "Source of this article. Shared with permission."
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    If you obtained permission to use copyrighted images, choose "Copyrighted, but we have explicit permission to re-license by CC-BY-SA-NC" from the "Licensing" drop-down menu. In the summary, place a link back to the source that shared the images. For more information read How to Attribute a Photo on wikiHow
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    Invite other editors to edit the content. After all, collaboration sets wikiHow articles apart from any other how-to instructions. Ask others to fact-check, format, re-word the article, and watch it develop and improve over time.

Method 2
Import Content Without Asking Permission

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    Import content without needing to ask permission from wikiHow content partners or public domain sources listed at wikiHow:Importable Content. Everything on that page is OK to import to wikiHow since those copyright holders have already given permission.
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    Place the proper attribution on the article as described.


  • If you ask nicely, most copyright holders will gladly share their content with wikiHow under Creative Commons.
  • A list of easily importable content for wikiHow is available at wikiHow:Importable Content.


  • Do not import copyrighted content into wikiHow that you have not received permission to use. The article may be deleted and your credibility will be damaged, as well as the reputation of wikiHow.

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