How to Imitate Alison DiLaurentis

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Alison is the queen bee of Rosewood High. She's the one girls want to be like and boys want to be with. Want to be like her? Here's your guide.

Part 1

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    Take care of your hair.
    • If you aren't blonde like Ali, consider having your hair dyed. Go for a blonde color that matches your skin tone. Consider having your hair dyed at a salon professionally, it will turn out looking better and the hairdresser will know what is the perfect color for you.
    • Keep your hair long and healthy. After having your hair dyed, it's time to start taking care of it. Wash your hair every other day with a good and nice smelling shampoo and conditioner. After washing it, try using a serum.
    • To get Ali's hairstyle, remember she straightens maybe 3 times every 5 years. So split your hair into 3 sections. On the bottom, use heat protection then do tight curls away from your face. On the second section, use heat protection and do looser but still kind of tight curls. On the top and last section, use heat protection and do curls so loose you're almost waving it. Remember away from the face. Another style is to get a strand of hair from the upper-right side of your hair, the part by your face. Not a handful, but where bangs might be (don't get bangs). Twist it to the bottom, or braid it halfway. Get the braid or the twist, and clip or pin it to the side of your head. Repeat on the other side. When you complete this, get some good-smelling spray gel, and spray it lightly over the outside of all your hair. Then get good quality hairspray, and spray it on the little twist-or-braid things, including the clips. But remember to curl the bottom still. If your hair is frizzy, consider having it straightened.
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    Take care of your body and never forget hygiene. Even if you don't wash your hair, take a shower everyday to get rid of body odor. Use a nice scented shower gel. For even better hygiene, always use deodorant. You can also use perfume. Ali's signature scent is vanilla, so try to get vanilla perfume, vanilla body spray, vanilla everything. Use body lotion regularly to keep your skin hydrated and use a body scrub once a week. Never forget shaving, it is really important too.
    • Keep your hands and feet also hydrated and with beautiful, well-treated nails. Don't bite your nails. Keep them long, and use feminine nail polish colors, like red, pink, turquoise or just wear a french tip manicure or clear nail polish.
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    Keep your body in shape. Alison has a great body. She's not super skinny, so don't go all out for a skinny body, but she's thin, so always keep in shape, but with some curves. Exercise and eat healthy and you will look and feel better.
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    Dress up right. Alison has a very feminine/girly style, so go for clothes with flowers, ruffles, anything girly. Don't forget your own style, but if you dress a bit tomboy like, try to spice up your looks a little bit with some accessories. Always wear clothes that show up your body. Alison likes to wear revealing clothes in a way of being the center of attention, so do the same and wear short dresses and skirts, revealing tops and high-heels, but never look trashy. Wear simple, cute accessories and always carry a big purse with you. Try to have at least one high-fashion dress for a special occasion.
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    Know what to carry in your purse. Alison is always one step ahead of everything, so of course she has to be prepared for what comes around. In your purse, always keep your keys, your phone and its charger, some gum, a pair of sunglasses, some makeup that you need to touch up along the day (powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, chap stick, etc.), some elastics and bobby pins, deodorant, a wallet with your cards and money, a pack of tissues, a compact mirror, a travel-sized hairbrush and hand sanitizer, tampons/pads, some pain medication, and if you wear contacts, always keep your case and eye drops in there too. Also, keep some healthy snacks, like a cereal bar or an apple, and maybe a pen and a little notebook to take some notes. Always have your ID with you too.
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    Makeup. Start out with washing your face and using some cleanser, to remove any makeup or dirt that could have stayed on your skin from the previous day. After that, apply some moisturizer.
    • Start off with some lightweight foundation or a BB Cream. Apply concealer to cover up any dark circles, redness or imperfections and settle everything with some powder. Use a brow pencil to fill your brows in, and don't leave in any bald spots. Alison's eyebrows aren't super dark so don't overdo it. Apply an eye-shadow primer.
    • Go for something neutral for your lids, like a bronze gold-ish color, or something more daring, like some violet or pink. Play with your eye-shadow. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner and wing it out, and apply a lot of mascara.
    • Give yourself a hairline, as this makes you look sun kissed.
    • For your lips, you can never go wrong with glossy pink, any type of it, but Alison's signature lip color is Nars' Jungle Red, so spice up your red lips too. After this, you're done!

Part 2

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    Be nice and mean at the same time. Alison could be evil some times, but she knew how to inspire, touch and make people feel special. Don't be afraid to say what you think, but when you see it hurts people you don't want to get hurt, brush it off and make them believe they took it the wrong way. When you don't like someone, try to tear that person down as much as you can.
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    Get anything you want, and try to use people to do it. Alison has a very persuasive, seductive personality, which makes people do whatever she wants them to do. When you can't get what you want, use blackmail. Blackmailing people can be daring, but that's exactly what we're going for here. Don't be too mean, because Alison isn't heartless.
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    Always be one step ahead of everything. Know people's secrets, and use them against them, to get what you want, when you need to.
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    Keep a journal. Write about everything that happens, and be completely honest. Also, hide it somewhere safe.
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    Have hiding places in your bedroom, and all around your house. Explore your house and discover places that no one can think of.
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    Listen to good music like Lady Gaga, One Direction, Lil Wayne, and everything that's in. Try looking for hot new groups that no one knows about yet. That way you'll always be up to date and one step ahead. Always keep your music taste though.
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    Always keep your pose. Walk like you're on a runway. Move your hips and don't move your arms too much. When you're talking to someone and turn around to leave, always make a fun yet flirty hair move. Blink a lot and side-smirk. Smile seductively, flirt and never yell, but yet keep your voice at a nice tone.
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    Lie. As Alison herself said, You're always better off with a really good lie. If truth doesn't lead you anywhere, don't be afraid to lie. Have a good-planned lie always in the tip of your tongue.
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    Be mysterious. When someone ask where you've been or why you weren't at school, smirk a little and say "Oh, I was nowhere." That's the essence of Alison's personality.
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    Have a restrict group of 4-5 best friends. They will be your shoulder to cry on, and you must really like, and make them really like you. You must be the leader, without exactly stating you're the leader. Never let your friends boss you around. Know all of their secrets, but don't tell them yours. Always have plans like going to parties, sleepovers or going out on town.
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    Have a fake ID. If you want to go to the best parties, you need a fake ID. Alison and the Liars had one, so try to get someone to do it for you or make it yourself.
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    Get along with older people, and a lot of boys. Make boys fall in love with you.
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    Copy her sense of humor. Ali has a dark sense of humor along with her bubbly, outgoing personality. So make dryer jokes, be a little more sarcastic, but not all-out rude. Joke around more with your friends. Have a ton of good comebacks if you argue with someone.
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    Be daring. Alison is perky. You could say she's like a ballerina, she does daring moves but always lands safely. She is very jumpy and very daring, this doesn't mean you have to do everything, but once in a while, do something daring. Be bold and confident and don't let anyone boss you around, because in Pretty Little Liars Alison is the boss. But don't be mean to people, and don't let people be mean to you. Never hold your head down, keep it right on up, and think of the positive, happy ways. You don't need to do everything daring just sometimes do something brave and cool and people will look at you in a different way. And they will begin to like you.
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    Think two steps ahead of everything. Ali is always on top of things. Be mischievous. Know how to make people do what YOU want them to do and know how to make people believe you. She has a very innocent yet fierce personality.
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    Practice your looks. Ali usually has an innocent sweet smile, when she's luring people in or trying to get something or even when lying. She also has a very fierce and direct frown.
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    Do your homework. Know people and try to know everything about them. It could be useful when your talking to them. Practice your smart comebacks. Ali never gives up before saying a comeback and getting her point through.
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    Act older than you really are. Ali acts like she's 19 when she's 15. So act like a couple of years older than you really are. Also, if you act older, older kids will want to hang out with you, etc. Play hard to get, hard to be. If people think you don't need them as friend they will want to follow you. People will envy you.
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    Do your best to keep up. Go to football games, be a cheerleader, do something like that, Alison has an amazing social life, So she has like a billion friends. To keep up on the social events you need to go to them and be involved to make friends and to show yourself off.
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    Learn how to read people. Alison thrives on manipulating people to turn the situation to her advantage. Be sure to exploit other people's weaknesses and insecurities to crush their will to defy you or get them to think the sun shines out of your ass no matter what you do or say.


  • Be risky, but don't blind a girl like Alison did.
  • Watch as much Pretty Little Liars as you can.
  • Have the same sort of sneaky smirk as she does.
  • Be flexible and cool about stuff.
  • Put smileys in your text messages.
  • Listen to good music, like Lana Del Rey and Marina + The diamonds.
  • Make sure you're a force to be reckoned with
  • Pick the right time to start acting like her and changing your looks into hers. If you've moved and are a new starting school, or you have just started high school, that's the perfect timing. Win that new place over.

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