How to Identify Skateboarding Ramp Types

There are various types of skate ramps in many different shapes and sizes. Individuals can build or purchase their own ramps, but you are most likely to see skate ramps in a designated skate park. This article will go over the most common ramps and a few specialized ramps.


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    Recognize the most popular skate ramps.
    • Quarter pipe - Probably the first image that comes to mind when you think of a skate ramp. Quarter pipes are a sloped wall topped with metal or concrete, called coping.
      Image titled Milf Skate Park
    • Half pipe - Two quarter pipes pushed together with a flat section in the middle. This allows the skater to ride back and forth without having to push.
      Image titled Half_Pipe da RedBull
    • Kicker - An angled ramp used as a jumping off point to get more air than jumping on flat ground. When two are placed facing each other, the space in between is called a "gap".
      Image titled Milf Ramp Attack
    • Bowl - An enclosed, sunken, curved riding surface like a swimming pool. Bowls come in different shapes such as circle, egg, kidney, u-shaped, etc.
      Image titled Skater_kid
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    Learn about the types that are fairly common.
    • Bank - An angled riding surface similar to a hill.
      Image titled 20100530 LCRSP steep bank bert 05
    • Pyramid - Multiple banks pushed together with flat riding surface at the top. Sometimes there are other obstacles including, boxes, rails, or stairs. Typically forms a square pyramid shape, but not necessarily. The angles created by connecting the banks are called "hips".
      Image titled North Point Mall
    • Spine - Two quarter pipes pushed together back to back with coping at the top to transition over. Spines can be standalone or in bowls and half pipes.
      Image titled Over the spine
    • Hump - A rounded half-circle shape rising out of the floor. You ride up one side and down the other.
      Image titled 20101114 02 oer da hump
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    Recognize a few specialized ramps.
    • Euro Gap - A bank with a section cut out of it to create a flat section with another flat section slightly above that. This creates a "gap" to jump or perform tricks over.
      Image titled Eurogap
    • Snake Run - A bowl or half pipe that forms a long and winding trail. The winding shape gives it a snake-like appearance when viewed from above.
      Image titled SnakeRunBottomHalf 1
    • Mega Ramp - A giant ramp used for big air tricks. This type of ramp is typically featured in professional skate competitions.
      Image titled Xgames mega ramp
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    Go to your local skate park. Skate parks are the best places to see ramps live and up close. If you have any questions, ask a local skater or bring a friend who is more knowledgeable than you.
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    Watch skate videos online. There are many videos available on the internet for free. Lots of these videos are geared towards beginners or people looking to learn skate terminology.
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    Watch professional skateboarding competitions. Big name competitions like the X-Games and Street League feature some of the biggest and gnarliest ramps ever built!

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