How to Identify a Sweet Enemy

A Sweet enemy describes a person who you hold close but most likely will stab you in the back at some time. He/she may appear innocent, carefree and overly lovely, but if you should look closer you might see the bad eyes, the cold stare and even catch a cold breeze from his/her breathe. The fact is that sweet enemies have a reason for being close to you - just simply to destroy or harm you. It is often difficult to find out these types of people actually mean any harm, but they do. Here are the various ways of finding them out.


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    Watch for ways they are trying to 'fool' you.
    • They are quick to take to you, even if you are the most difficult person to tolerate, they only have a mission to destroy you.
    • They have the most wonderful compliments to give even when its obviously needless.
    • They will try to buy your heart with their sweet talks and are the first to ask what happened when you are in trouble, but would simply not offer a helpful solution.
    • They will present others as the enemy or pay too much attention in selecting your friends or telling you who to go out with, because they want you to be under their control.
    • They appear to be too close, wanting to know everything about you when they say little about themselves.
    • In public they quickly tell everybody how close you are and all the things you are to them, to make people trust them with you as well.
    • They will want you to bestow trust by hammering on it or creating reasons to force you to trust them
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    Don't jump to conclusions, but take time to call them friends.


  • Trust is simple but precious. It should not be misused. Before you tell that sweet friend your secret, make sure he/she has told you one, or even two. Do not be too quick to open your heart and access to him/her. Ask yourself, "what if" and hold out for some time. They usually get bored when you do not trust them and then show who they really are.
  • Don't be too desperate to hook on immediately with a person who appears to be handsome, beautiful, gentle, overly kind, and unnecessarily attentive to you, ask yourself why he/she is being or doing all these. What about being or doing these things a little bit far and not too close.
  • To avoid messing up your life with a sweet friend, listen to your instinct first.


  • The warning signs of a "sweet enemy" in action is when you start seeing less of him/her and he/she gives one excuse or the other (through the telephone, fax or email)of not attending your party, or jogging out with you. This means his/her anger/resentment towards you have boiled up and waiting to burst. What you have to do is to quickly cut the relationship off and pray he/she has not done enough damage already.

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