How to Identify a Quality Pet Sitter

If you have never left your animals alone, you may be unsure about whether to send them to a kennel or use an in home pet sitting service. Leaving them home, in their own environment, is much less stressful and healthier for them, than taking them to a kennel. At home they have their food, their bowls, their yard, their bed, and all the familiar sights and smells of home. Because Mom & Dad do need to go away at times, you are going to want to find a pet sitter that you have confidence in to take care of your babies while you are away. Here are some tips to ensure your pet is well cared for, while you are away.


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    Check competitive rate. Visit the websites of your potential pet sitters and check to see if your potential new pet sitter has competitive rates.
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    Check their experience and testimonials. See how long the company has been in business. The longer someone has been pet sitting, the more experience they have. Be sure to read their testimonials, do their clients live in your town?
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    Evaluate their credentials. Along with experience, they have other credentials like Pet First Aid or Obedience Training. Also, make sure they have insurance and a bond. Insurance will cover any possible damage to your home, pet or the pet sitter, while they are on your property. The bond protects from any possible theft or loss from an employee.
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    Meet your new pet sitter in person. Watching them interact with your pets will help you to know if this is the right person for you and your babies.
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    Ask for references in your area. Be sure to check the reference you are given to ensure of the trust and dependability of your new pet sitter. After all, these are your babies and your home that we are dealing with!
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    Confirm scheduling. Because it is important for your animal to stay on his or her regular schedule and normal routine, your pet sitter should be flexible and accommodating. They should be able to get to your pets for their regularly scheduled potty breaks and feeding times. This ensures less stress and makes them feel that the only thing missing is you!
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    Ask about other services. In addition to feeding, playing, walking making sure your pet has fresh water and your cats boxes are scooped, many companies provide other services which are very useful and provide care to your home. They can pick up your mail, water your plants inside and out and take your garbage and recycle out for you. Having them alter your blinds and lights also serves as home security and makes your home look “lived-in”, while you are away. Most visits are typically 25 to 35 minutes, depending on the needs of the animal.
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    Confirm who is going to be doing the visits. Make sure you know who is going to be entering your home. There could be times when your regular pet sitter is not available, so be sure you know when that might happen and who the replacement would be.
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    Decide how many visits you need. You can also schedule as many visits per day as you want. Typically for dogs, people will have no less than two per day and often times 3 per day. If you have a doggy door and only need two, you may want to consider a third visit, perhaps every other day, to provide a little extra company for your pet. These tips should ensure that your pet(s) are healthy, happy and safe when you are away from home.

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