How to Hypnotize Anyone to Do Fun Stuff With Them

Four Parts:Doing Your ResearchHypnotizing Your SubjectHaving Fun With Your SubjectUnderstanding the Effects

Have you ever been to a magic show where the performer hypnotizes members of the audience? These types of shows can be very entertaining! Think how fun it could be to see your own friends squawk like a chicken or do a silly dance. By learning to perform simple hypnosis, you can have this experience yourself. Using some basic techniques, you can hypnotize your friends to do silly things. Just remember, there are also safety precautions that you should take. It's also important to know that some people are very resistant to hypnosis. So if your subject isn't doing what you want, it's likely that their mind is not susceptible to hypnosis. This is very common, and even professional hypnotists can struggle with these individuals.

Part 1
Doing Your Research

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    Read about the process. Learning to hypnotize someone is a fairly simple process, but you need to make sure to do each step correctly. Your first step to success is to make sure to do your research. Although it is not technically a science, hypnosis has some very strong proponents. Look for books by professional hypnotists to help give you a greater understanding of the process.[1][2]
    • Make sure the author is reputable. Many times, people are simply trying to sell products, such as DVDs, that will teach you how to hypnotize someone. Look for an author who is approaching hypnosis from a serious, professional viewpoint. The information will likely be more reliable. In the about the author section, you should be able to tell whether the author has an M.A., a PhD, or is an M.D. These criteria indicate that if nothing else, the person is well-educated. Look for a website that offers information without asking for any form of payment--this is a good way to tell if it is credible or not.
    • Ask the reference librarian at your local library to help you find some good reference books on the subject. They generally have a good process for locating helpful materials.
    • Ask for advice. Speaking to someone knowledgeable about hypnosis is a great way to learn some tips. If you know of any entertainment-based hypnotists in your area, you should reach out to them. Simply explain that you are interested in learning more about what they do. Most people are happy to talk about their jobs!
    • You could also consult a mental health specialist. Many psychologists and psychiatrists use hypnotherapy in their practice. Contact one in your area and ask to set up an informational meeting. You'll likely learn a lot this way.
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    Recruit a volunteer. Your next step is to find someone to practice on. You'll want to try your skills out on someone, so start by asking your friends or family members if they would be willing to help you. Explain that your intent is to have fun, and that you would love to practice your new hobby with them.[3]
    • It's a good idea to choose someone that you know well when you are practicing hypnosis. The more comfortable you are around one another, the easier it will be for the person to relax and become susceptible to hypnosis.
    • Try to recruit more than one person. Some people are more open to hypnosis than others, so you'll want to try your techniques on people with different personalities. That way, you can see which methods work and which need some improvement.
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    Think about safety. Even though this experiment should be fun, it's still a good idea to keep basic safety in mind. For example, make sure that you are practicing hypnosis in a private, safe space. Maybe your apartment would be a good choice. It's not a good idea to practice in a public place. You don't want your volunteer to accidentally wander into a busy street or into a crowd of people.
    • Plan ahead. Think about what activities you want the person being hypnotized to do. Make sure that everything you have planned is within the realm of their physical capability.

Part 2
Hypnotizing Your Subject

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    Begin hypnosis by speaking. Use your words carefully. Your words are one of your most powerful tools when you are practicing hypnosis. The key is to repeatedly make statements that suggest that people should feel or behave in a certain way. Eventually, he should start responding to the words you are repeating. Hypnosis is a process--you will not see instantaneous results. It may take several minutes.[4]
    • For example, you might try frequently mentioning, "Wow, it is getting late." Try variations such as, "Aren't you getting sleepy? It is getting very late." The key word is "late", and this should signal to your subject that he is getting very tired.
    • You could also try repeating something such as "It is very warm in here." Then, "Aren't you hot in that jacket? It is warm in here." The subject's brain will eventually tell them that they are hot, and you can suggest he take of his shoes, or go get some ice cubes.
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    Modulate your voice to deepen hypnosis. Along with your words, your tone of voice is a very important part of hypnosis. You want to make sure that your voice sounds confident. Volume has a lot to do with how your subject responds. Don't speak too loudly, or he might become startled. Do not speak too quietly, or you will sound unsure of yourself.
    • Try to sound very pleasant as you offer your "suggestions". As you repeat things like, "It is getting very late", make your tone consistent in volume and speed.
    • If you are concerned that your voice does not sound the way you want it to, try recording yourself. You can listen to the recording and make notes of your thoughts. For example, if you sound timid, try raising the volume a bit and act as though you know exactly what you are talking about.
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    Maintain eye contact to deeper hypnotize your subject. Having good eye contact is extremely important when you are attempting to hypnotize someone. This is true whether you are practicing covert or general hypnosis. Focus on one subject at a time, and make sure that you are maintaining steady, consistent eye contact.[5]
    • As you maintain eye contact, make sure that you are also observing your subjects facial cues. Do they look like they are responding to your cues? If not, try changing the tone of your voice, or trying a new suggestion.

Part 3
Having Fun With Your Subject

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    Try something silly. Once your subject is hypnotized, you can begin to have fun. You will be able to tell when he is easily responding to your voice, eye contact, and suggestions. There are many fun things you can do with someone who is hypnotized. Once you see that your subject is effectively under hypnosis (you can tell because they are obeying your suggestions), you can try different activities with him.
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    Dance. One fun thing to try is to make your subject to some silly dance moves. Turn some music on and tell your friend to dance. Try telling him that no one is watching. Or suggest he is in a contest! Encourage him as he dances, maybe by clapping along. This is certain to be entertaining.
    • Try playing a current popular song that people like to dance to. Try choosing one that your friend knows. That will help his subconscious feel more comfortable.
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    Have your subject believe that they are an animal. For example, you could convince him to behave like a cat. Your other friends will definitely laugh if your subject starts purring, meowing, and trying to groom himself.
    • Continue to give suggestions while your friend is hypnotized. For example, "Oh, you're a cat. Wouldn't you like to purr?" The power of suggestion is very important in hypnosis.
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    Have your friend sing. Maybe your friend is typically shy. This will make it all the more amusing when he bursts into song. Again, use suggestion. Try saying, "Don't you love that new song on the radio? I bet you'd sound great singing it!" Then enjoy as your friend gives you a free concert.

Part 4
Understanding the Effects

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    Learn about self-hypnosis. Hypnosis can be lots of fun, but it's important to remember that hypnosis can actually be used to treat people's ailments. What's even better is that you can learn to self-hypnotize. Once you have mastered the basics of hypnosis, you can try it on yourself. Of course, you won't be able to maintain eye contact, but you will be amazed at how the power of suggestion can help you make positive changes.[6]
    • For example, maybe you are scared of heights. You can use self-hypnosis to make yourself more confident and less fearful. Choose a mantra to repeat. The next time you need to climb a high ladder, put yourself in a relaxed state. You can hypnotize yourself into safely making the climb.
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    Consider hypnosis for sleep. As you learn about hypnosis, you should be aware that many people consider it a very powerful tool. It is especially useful in helping people who suffer from insomnia. Once you have mastered the basics, you can help a friend or family member who has trouble falling asleep.[7]
    • Try making a recording that will help someone fall asleep. Using the power of suggestion and your well-modulated tone of voice, convince your subject that they need to fall into a deep sleep.
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    Become a hypnotherapist. After you've discovered how fun hypnotizing someone can be, you will probably realize that it also has other benefits. If you find that you are really good at hypnotizing your friends, you might decide that you want to try a new career. Becoming a hypnotherapist can be a profitable and fulfilling career.[8]
    • Contact local hypnotherapists to ask them to tell you about their training and their particular career path.


  • Keep a gentle tone.
  • Choose someone that trusts you.


  • Don't ask a person to do something that they can't do! (i.e. If they are nursing an injury to their leg, don't ask them to do jumping jacks)

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