How to Housebreak a Dog with Positive Reinforcement

This article will give you some good tips on how to housebreak your dog using the "Talk Dog" method, instead of "Good Dog, Bad Dog". Positive reinforcement is the key to keeping your dog happy and trustworthy. Most people are unfamiliar with the Talk Dog technique. This method is picked up by dogs a lot quicker, and they are generally happier.


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    Take special care with young dogs. If your dog is still a young puppy, they will need to use the bathroom more often. Take them outside about every two hours. If you have a specific spot for them to use, make sure to take them to that spot every time. Sit with them until they urinate/defecate.
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    Choose your words carefully. When they do, say good to the action, not the dog. For instance, when your puppy pees, say "good pee!" instead of "good dog/boy/girl!" Same with pooping.
    • The reason for this is that dogs are associative thinkers, not logical. If you tell them bad girl/boy or good girl/boy for everything, they will think everything they do is the same thing, and it can be confusing to them.
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    React to accidents calmly but sternly. When your dog has an accident inside of the house, do not shame or yell at them. This will cause them to become afraid and hide behind the TV or sofa to do their business. Instead, say no or bad to the action.
    • When you catch your pup urinating in the house, say, "no pee!" or "bad pee!" with a firm, yet non-angry voice. Immediately take them outside to their potty area. Leave them there until they do more business, then exclaim happily, "good pee/poop!"
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    Use treats while training. Make sure to make it known how happy you are that they pooped in the right place. There is no such thing as too much praise when it comes to a puppy.


  • Do not clean up their mess in the house in front of them- this will make them think that if they use the bathroom in front of you, you will give them more attention. Instead, put your dog in another room while you clean it up.
  • Never rub your dog's face in their mess- that is just shameful on the owner's part, and does not help with the training of the dog.
  • If your dog's name happens to rhyme with Good, Bad, Pee or Poop, you should think of another word to use in place of that word. This is because dogs cannot hear the difference between the change of one letter. For instance, you do not want to say "no pee" to a dog named Opie. He will just think you are saying his name and be very confused.

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