How to Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only)

Three Parts:Setting Up Your SleepoverFinding Fun Sleepover ActivitiesMaking Sleepover Food

Sleepovers are full of fun, giggles, and good food. They’re a time to get to know your friends better and have fun all night. Even with only you and one friend at a sleepover, you can still have lots of fun doing crafts, making food, and playing games.

Part 1
Setting Up Your Sleepover

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    Get your parents' permission. Let your parents know you want to ask them about something. Pick a space free of outside distractions and a time when your parents are not busy. For example, you could ask them in the family room after dinner one night.[1]
    • Explain the sleepover calmly. Let your parents know who you want to invite, what you want to do, any money you'll need, and why you're excited.
    • For example, "Mom, Dad, I really want to have Maya sleepover Friday night. I want us to be better friends because we have so much in common. I want us to stay up, play board games, and watch movies. All I need is money for pizza and snacks."
    • Keep in mind, your parents may say no. Be respectful of this, as complaining will make you seem immature. Ask them why they said "No," so you can better understand, and ask again in a month or so. They may change their mind with time, especially if you maturely accept their answer.
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    Choose a day for your sleepover and invite your friend. When you’re planning a sleepover, you want to make sure that you pick a day that works well for both you and your friend.
    • If it’s during the school year, plan your sleepover for a Friday or Saturday night, as you don’t want to wake up tired for school.
    • Talk about the dates with your friend, in case she has any morning activities that might conflict with your sleepover.
    • Invite your friend at least a week in advance. Depending on how old you are, you might need to have your parent or guardian call theirs to set up the sleepover times.
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    Set up the sleeping area. Before your friend comes over for your sleepover, you want to create a cozy area to hang out in. This will make your night feel magical and make your friend feel more at home.
    • Make a blanket fort. Drape up blankets over chairs and couches in one area of your house to create a fort that you and your friend can crawl inside.[2] Fill it with plenty of cozy blankets, cushions, and pillows. This can also be a great activity to do with your friend.
    • Stringing up fairy lights can also add a magical touch to your room or your blanket fort.[3]
    • If you have a large bed, both you and your friend can sleep in your bed. If you don’t, however, consider sleeping on the floor or in the same room as your friend to make it more fair and fun.
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    Gather supplies.[4] Even if you tell your friend what to bring to your sleepover, chances are good that she will forget something. Make sure you have enough sleepover supplies at your house.
    • Set out enough towels, sheets, and blankets for both you and your friend to use.
    • Have an extra toothbrush on hand, as this is one of the most forgotten items at a sleepover.
    • If you and your friend are near middle school age, you should also have some feminine products just in case.
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    Prepare for problems just in case. Hopefully, your sleepover should run smoothly. However, make sure you prepare for potential problems. You want to avoid conflict or drama at your slumber party.[5]
    • Know your parents' rules. You do not want the party to end with your friend getting sent home as the two of you violated a household rule. If you're not allowed to use the computer, don't use it. If a certain room is off-limits, stay out of it.
    • Make sure you know what to do if your friend gets scared. Nightmares and homesickness do happen. Your parents should have your friend's phone number on hand, in case she needs to go home.
    • Bedwetting does sometimes happen, so have a change of sheets or spare sleeping bag handy. Do not make fun of your friend if she has an accident. It's a very common problem and your friend should not feel ashamed.

Part 2
Finding Fun Sleepover Activities

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    Watch a movie. This is a great two-person sleepover activity. Before your friend comes over, have a few options for you to choose from. Then, discuss with you friend which movie she’d like to watch. Stick to something light-hearted and fun. If your sleepover is near a holiday, you might want to watch a holiday-themed movie. Some great sleepover movie options include:[6]
    • The Princess Diaries
    • The Parent Trap
    • Mean Girls
    • Enchanted
    • 13 Going On 30
    • Pitch Perfect
    • The Sound of Music
    • 10 Things I Hate About You
    • Ever After
    • The NeverEnding Story
    • She’s the Man
    • What a Girl Wants
    • If you're younger, you can go for things like Frozen, Pocahontas, or other princess films.
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    Play games. Even if you only have one friend at your sleepover, you can still have fun playing a variety of two-person games.[7]
    • Have a pillow fight. As long as your parent or guardian allows it, you and your girl friend can have lots of fun throwing pillows at each other and ducking behind couches. Just make sure not to swing your pillow too hard or near your friend’s face.
    • Give each other a blind makeover. In this fun activity, you and your friends will take turns putting on a blindfold. While you’re wearing your blindfold, you will try to do your friend’s make up.[8]
    • Play a board game. Many board games, like Monopoly, checkers, and Life, have two-person options.
    • If you don’t want to play a board game but you have a gaming console, you could play a multiplayer video game. Games like Mario Kart are perfect for sleepovers.
    • Play a two-person game of truth or dare. This can be a fun way to get to know your friend even more and have a few laughs. If you don’t want to do any dares, you can also just play truth or truth, and take turns asking each other questions.
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    Give each other a makeover.[9] Makeovers are a classic sleepover activity and a great option for two people. First, do a facemask with your friend to prepare your skin. Lots of masks can be made with ingredients straight from your kitchen.[10]
    • Create an area for your makeovers. Lay out all your makeup on a table or the floor. Take turns giving each other a new look.
    • If you want, you can also style each other’s hair, and paint your nails.
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    Make crafts.[11] Getting creative with your friend is a great way to pass the time during your sleepover. Since it’s just the two of you, you can do slightly more elaborate craft projects. Some possibilities:
    • Make friendship bracelets.[12]
    • Paint on canvases.
    • Decorate a bandana with fabric paint.
    • Make a rag rug with old t-shirts and a hoola hoop.[13]
    • Write and illustrate your own story.
    • Gather wildflowers, and make a bouquet to display in your sleepover area.
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    Tell stories or just talk. Sometimes, a simple conversation can be as fun as any game. Also, talking will allow you to get closer to your friend. Spend some time just sitting around talking.[14]
    • Ask about your friend. Ask about her hobbies and interests and listen to her responses actively.
    • Allow the conversation to go a bit deeper. Ask about your friend's opinions on things like school, friendship, and other interesting topics.
    • You can also share stories. Talk about your most memorable moments, family vacations, and embarrassing stories.

Part 3
Making Sleepover Food

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    Talk about your menu or cooking plans with adults. You or your friend may have special dietary needs. Before you begin cooking, talk things over with an adult. You want to make sure you create a menu everyone can safely eat.[15]
    • Be aware of any food allergies you or your friend has. If your friend has a food allergy, encourage her to bring some snacks from home that are safe for her to eat. You could also have your mom contact her parents and ask about safe foods.
    • Let your parents know in advance about any restrictions on your friend's diet. This will give them time to prepare.
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    Cook or bake something with your friend. This is a great combination of a fun activity and a tasty treat. Make something fun that you wouldn’t normally make, but always ask before using the oven or stove. Make sure you know about any food allergies your friend might have. Some possible recipes sleepover recipes:
    • Oven-baked s’mores[16]
    • Homemade pizza[17]
    • Fresh-squeezed lemonade[18]
    • Sugar cookies[19]
    • Chocolate cupcakes[20]
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    Order food. A sleepover can be a great opportunity to order all your favorite junk foods. Something like pizza can be a fun and simple way to feed you and your friend.[21]
    • Order different dishes to share, like two pasta dishes.
    • This works well with Chinese food. Try eating it with chopsticks for added fun.
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    Stock up on snacks. When you’re having a sleepover, you want to make sure you have plenty of snacks to munch on throughout the night. These should be in addition to your main meal.[22]
    • Fruit plates and vegetable plates with dip are great healthy options to help offset the sugar rush of junk food.
    • Also have salty snacks like chips, crackers, nuts, or pretzels.
    • You can also set out some of your favorite candies. Just make sure not to eat too much sugar late in the night.

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