How to Host a Teen's Birthday Slumber Party

Lots of teens enjoy having a slumber party in addition to their birthday party nowadays. It's a fun way to let kids run loose without getting into (too much) trouble. Hosting the perfect combination of day and night fun takes a little bit of know-how and a lot of patience!


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    Check with your parents. As long as you're in their house, they need to be okay with what you're planning. Talk to them about your guest list, your activity ideas, and your food plans. Run your ideas by them, and even ask them to help you plan and throw the party. Make sure your party stays within any rules they might have and wins their full approval.
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    Create a theme. You can choose separate ones for the party and sleepover or keep the same one. Think of something that will not only spark your interest but also the people you will be inviting. But still make sure that you enjoy it. Spa nights and movie nights are very popular for slumber parties. Gather all of the supplies you will need beforehand and be sure there's enough.
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    Make or email invitations.You could use evites or you can buy some glamorous invites from your local store or make it more original with a few supplies and creativity. Whichever you choose is your decision. Keep the number of guests to a minimum so that everybody can have more fun. Too many people can cause chaos and difficulty. No more than 5 guests would be appropriate.
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    Prepare the food. Make sure you have enough -- food is the most basic and perhaps the most important part of your sleepover. Have a variety of options available for meals and snacks throughout the day/night to keep everyone happy and full. To pass up the time you could also wait until they arrive and have recipes ready so you and your pals can make something delicious together. Pizza is always a great option whether you make or purchase it.
    • Check with your guests to see if they have any allergies or are vegan/vegetarian. Make sure you'll have something tasty for everyone.
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    Decorate. This is optional, but it will give off more of a "party" theme. Buy some banners or streamers and hang them up. Also, be sure to have 'Goody bags' filled with chocolate,hard candy, treats, and fun stuff as a souvenir for your friends. Don't forget to take pictures! You want it to be memorable!
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    Plan your activities. Have good crafts, games, activities, movies, music, and magazines available to keep everyone busy throughout those long 24 hours! You don't want anybody to be bored at your party. Plan games like Truth or Dare, pick a few movies to watch, or even have a pinata. This will keep you and your friends happy and entertained all night.


  • Make sure you know what your friends like such as food, movies, games and themes so you don't make them bored or uncomfortable. Pick a few different options in each category and let your friends choose.
  • Have lots of fun, watching movies is great, but make sure that you have some non-movie activities as well as movies - all night may get boring!!!
  • Make a mini scrapbook for everyone with pictures from the party and decorate it with stuff that matches their personality. They'll remember what you did for them forever!
  • Have everyone bring something theme-related to enjoy if you can't supply everything on your own or don't have enough cash.
  • Play lots of active games outside while you can because you want to be tired for sleeping time. (That is - if you want to sleep)
  • If one of your friends doesn't like to sleepover, don't pressure them. They can stay for half the night, then go home and come back in the morning!
  • A piƱata may seem childish, but there's nothing better to a bunch of teens than getting handfuls of great surprises!
  • Make sure that no one is allergic to any of the food you buy, you don't want to be in the hospital at midnight!
  • When you have food check for allergies before everyone comes.
  • Make sure you have everything planned out first, as a consequence you won't be as rushed.
  • Be respectful to the guests. If they're uncomfortable doing something, don't force them to.
  • If you are planning on staying up all night you should stock up on food and have a source of entertainment. Otherwise your parents or siblings will catch you sneaking out of your room to raid the fridge.

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