How to Host a Sleepover Party for a Wide Range of Ages

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If you are throwing a sleepover with guests with ages ranging from seven to twelve (e.g. you are having all your cousins round), it can be tough finding activities to suit everyone. Here are a few games and other activities that will make a wide age ranged sleepover a success.

Method 1
Being prepared

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    Before the sleepover you should have a list of "back up ideas" for if your sleepover dips. It can happen in the best of sleepovers. One minute, everyone can be having great fun and then the next everyone's arguing or someone starts missing home. For these occasions, you should have a list of back ups that will bring the mood up again. The activities should be fun and not very competitive like hide and seek or just chilling and watching a movie. However if you are going to be playing team games make sure you don't put people who are arguing on the same team.
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    Get to know your guests. You probably already know a lot about them but if you don't you should find out. It just makes it a lot easier to choose: food, drinks, activities, themes and lots more.
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    Before the sleepover, you should also decide wether or not to have a theme. Themes can be fun and make your party that tiny bit of extra fun but they can also limit your choices. If you are going to choose a theme then make sure that it suits everyone. For example, if you are doing a princess theme don't have one person not dressed up and left out because they don't really like princesses you either have to rethink the theme or rethink inviting that person. Some theme ideas are:
    • princess
    • disney
    • under the sea
    • safari
    • a color
    • christmas
    • Hawaii
    • Halloween
    • a book you all like
    • a TV show or movie you all like
    • sporty

Method 2

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    Since it's a sleepover, you should go all out on the sweets and drinks. Sugary stuff is great, but remember to have other options e.g. pizza, crackers or even fruit because sometimes at 3:00am you might not feel like chocolate or other sugary foods. Remember to check if your guests are vegetarian or vegan or have allergies because a trip to the hospital at 2:00am because Molly ate a Snickers when she has nut allergies will definitely put a damper on the night.
  2. 2
    For drinks, make sure you have lots of fizzy juice, try and get stuff you might not normally buy because it is a sleepover. For example maybe if you see some blueberry fizzy juice at your local super market. Even if you all hate it, it could still come in handy for penalties in truth of dare. Once again remember to check if your guests have allergies.

Method 3
When to go to bed

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    At a sleepover the time you go to bed and the time you fall asleep are two very different times. If there are younger kids (6-7 years old) maybe pulling an allnighter isn't the best idea because it will be you who puts up with the temper tantrums the next day.
  2. 2
    Everyones different but it probably isn't a good idea to make younger kids go to bed earlier than the older kids because they will be to anxious about thinking about what they are missing to sleep.
  3. 3
    A good idea is to watch a movie while in bed then the younger ones might doze off if it's late (some of the older kids might as well) and then the kids who are still awake can talk or play a quiet game.

Method 4

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    It can be tough finding games that will suit all age groups because what a 7 year old would find fun a 12 year old probably won't, but there are ways of modifying games so that everyone has a good time.
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    Murder in the Dark is a very good classic sleepover game and its bundles of fun.There are many different ways of playing but this way is my favorite. Before your guests arrive, cut out cards that are all the same size (one for each guest e.g. if there are 5 people coming make 5 cards) write murderer on one and detective on another and suspect on the rest. If there are children coming who can't read/are not confident readers draw a shape beside each one and for example say - if you have a square on your card you are the murderer. Everyone keeps their card a secret. The lights go out and if you are the murderer you have to tap people and they have to scream and fall over however if you are the detective and you get tapped you have to put the lights on and try and guess you the murderer is. If they guess right they win but if they don't the murderer wins.
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    Hide and Seek in the dark is another good game.
  4. 4
    If you and your guests like making movies then go for it. There are loads of great apps that can help you with that and they are a great way to remember your sleepover.
  5. 5
    Make friendship bracelets.
  6. 6
    Build a den. Indoor or outdoor dens/forts are great fun to make and fun to hide out in. They are also great because all kids from 7 to 12 mostly like making dens so its something everyone can join in with.
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    Pillow fights are also great just make sure the pillows don't have any hard zips or anything on them.

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