How to Host a Selection SYOC

Two Parts:Creating A Form and RulesBeginning The Story

A SYOC is where you gather people's characters for different fandoms. This article focuses on hosting a SYOC (Submit Your Own Character) for the Selection Series by Kiera Cass and how to not go crazy while doing it.

Part 1
Creating A Form and Rules

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    Get out the word and set the rules. If you're hosting a traditional Selection, you're only going to need 35 submissions, all girls and preferably not Mary Sues (perfect, beautiful, and powerful people). You'll need to find a place where you can post the rules your players must abide by, the form they must fill for a character, and the actual story. If you want it to be public, use sites like and Quotev. If you want it to only be available to a set number of people, use private texting or email.
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    Post your rules first. A SYOC is different from a roleplay in that in a roleplay, each person controls their character. In a SYOC, the person writing the story is in full control of all your characters. Make sure everyone understands this before starting. Also post a little backstory.
    • If the competition is for Maxon, everyone knows him. However, if it's a different prince, you're going to need to post a little bit of backstory. Since in the Selection series King Clarkson did not allow girls under caste 5, you need to show the treatment of the castes if there are any (Maxon and America eliminated them).
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    Make sure everyone knows before putting up the form for submitting characters is that if their character gets eliminated from the Selection, or dies (read: Southern Rebels), that is entirely under your control. If their character gets to the Elite, you can give them a little more leeway in the story, but that is optional.
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    Post the form for entering the Selection. If you want, you could copy the letter and form from the book, or make up your own. No matter which one you do, it should contain a space for the name, province (one from each, you might need to move people around) caste (again, if there are castes), age (must be 16 to 20), looks, and personality.
    • You don't want everyone to be perfect little angels, because where's the fun in that? On the other hand, what happens to these characters should be appropriate for the rating you give the story.
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    Remember you only need 35 girls from 16 to 20. It's only fair to put in the first 35 people with characters who have your entire sheet filled out. If somebody didn't fill out vital information (ex. name) feel free to skip over their's, because no name means no identity. If you handpick people (like King Clarkson) inform everyone. Otherwise you will just be seen as rude.

Part 2
Beginning The Story

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    Start figuring out what these characters are going to do, who'll be sent home, and so on. Having eliminations is mandatory, as is the Report where they announce the names, and the Convicting for the Elite. Besides that, have fun! America and Maxon took walks, there was hunting, the roof, Princess Eadlyn's Game Show, and tea. Remember to update regularly.
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    Be mindful of people's feelings. It might hurt to have their character eliminated on the first day, or be sent home for breaking the rules. But these are your characters now, and you have every right to eliminate some.
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    Make sure it doesn't take 50 chapters to narrow down to the Elite. When it does happen, though, make sure the prince meets the Elite's parents. If no one minds, you could do it at a Halloween Ball. Just make sure the timeline is clear.

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