How to Host a Pirate Themed Party

‘Treasure Island Adventures’ with pirate party ideas for the best party on the high seas, themed party invitations, decorations, games, cakes, food and favours.


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    Start the off the Treasure Island adventure with some pirate party ideas for creative invitations.
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    Create shapes using card and either write the details of the party on the back or print them off the computer and stick them on. They can be created using pattern card or decorate them as you please. Create a good silhouette of your choice and then maybe just add details.
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    Here are a few easy but creative invitations that you can make yourself:
    • Palm tree
    • Treasure Chest
    • Gold medallion
    • Eye patch
    • Sword
    • Parrot
    • A Ship
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    If you’re not the creative type or you simply don’t have the time then there are many lovely themed invitations and party supplies that you can source these days.
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    Pirate Party Ideas For a Fancy Dress Outfit
    1. With this party it’s a great excuse for fancy dress, it will add to the theme and help to create a great atmosphere. Pirate costumes are so easy to put together, here’s a few ideas for you:
      • Old pairs of trousers can be tucked into wellies / boots or into long socks. Or you can cut them off at the knees and make them ragged or tie them around the leg just under the knee.
      • An old shirt or t-shirt can be used and if you don’t mind then again a few well placed tears help with the look.
    2. If you have an old waistcoat then these look great over the shirts. I have even used an old striped pillowcase:
      • Cut across the bottom of the open end and remove the flap.
      • Cut up the centre of one side and then near the top of the closed end cut outwards to the left and right creating a V shape for the neck.
      • Cut out sleeve holes on both sides.
    3. It doesn’t have to be perfect, once all the other elements are added you’ll be surprised just how great it will look.
      • Next a couple of belts are needed, these can be fastened on the last holes and then placed over the shoulders, one left one right so that they cross over the chest.
      • If there are no hats available then a bandannas create a classic pirate look.
      • A bright piece of material or scarf can be tied around the waist and fastened to the side like a sash, the pirates sword can be secured here.
      • A bit of costume junk Jewellery looks good hanging out of pockets or just placed around the neck, the pirate’s ill gotten gains...
    4. Pirate party ideas for those nice little touches that turn a good costume into great:
      • a rolled up map
      • a parrot
      • a sword
      • a small treasure chest
      • an eye patch
      • Face paint can add a great touch, scars and battle wounds, black marks, black eyes and teeth.
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    Arriving at the party is your first opportunity to create an impression, so let’s go all out!
    1. Great pirate party ideas for the children arriving might be one or more than the following ideas:
      • Eye patch
      • A pirate name badge with a specially created pirate name for each child:
        1. Tommy the terrible
        2. Black eyed Joe
        3. Captain Jack
      • Face paint a scar
      • A make-believe sword
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    Pirate Party ideas for Outside Decorations
    1. If you have a drive or approach of any kind to your home (even if it’s just from the street to the door) then with a few creative pirate party ideas you can create a really exciting arrival for your guests.
      • Place old fashions looking signs made out of cardboard pointing in the direction the party goes must go. The wording can go something like this:
        1. Pirate Joe's party this way
        2. Treasure Island Adventures
        3. Only really terrible pirate allowed
        4. Dead man swamp
        5. A skull and crossbones flag made out of an odd piece of material.
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    If the weathers good then out in the garden can be a great setting for a pirate party and with a few well chosen decorating ideas you can transform your outside area into a desert island or pirate’s secret hide away.
    1. Great pirate party ideas are the simplest:
      • Cardboard boxes from the supermarket can be spray painted gold or silver or even paint them brown like wood, now you have your pirate treasure chests. Pile these up and they can look very convincing.
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    For Pirate party ideas for treasure chest contents try some of these...
      • Have some tinsel and backing foil spilling out
      • A little bit of junk jewellery
      • Metallic cups and fancy looking vases
      • Silver & Gold plates
      • Silky scarves and bright and glittery material
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    Once you start to look around your home at all the things that could look like treasure you’ll be surprised at what you will find. It doesn’t have to be perfect but the overall effect will be great.
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    Pirate Party Ideas for Inside Decorations
    1. Not everyone lives where the weather will allow outside parties but a pirate party can easily be transferred inside. I find here that having your party inside, lends itself to the theme of a ‘Secret Pirates Cave.’ Here are a few pirate party ideas for indoors...
      • Use coloured lighting - remove the usual light bulbs and replace with red and green light bulbs these seem to work the best. If you can place some in lamps too, that helps. Make some rooms green and some red, when you mix two colours in one room they seem to lose their effect a little.
      • Use bright, silky and sparkly material to drape over doorways so that other rooms remain hidden until you go through.
      • Drape sheets and materials over tables and chairs and then pile on top your treasure chests and pirate loot. Loosely spread around odd bits, metallic cups, vases, costume jewellery, beads that look like jewels.
      • Place signs on doors either inviting them in or barring the way...
        1. "Dead man's chest"
        2. "Tricky man's tavern"
        3. "Only the foolhardy enter"
        4. A skull and crossbones
      • Place a couple of palm trees painted on large sections of cardboard around the garden. Again you can get these from local super markets.
      • Paint and cut out simple shapes of barrels that would be found around a harbour.
      • Print pictures of brightly coloured parrots out and glue on the cardboard and place these around the garden, maybe perch them up in trees.
      • Draw an old looking treasure map maybe base it on the garden, later it can be used in a treasure hunt game.
      • You could use a tent and decorate the inside as a cave and place the treasure inside. If you’re indoors maybe you could select one room for this purpose, keeping the lighting low to add mystery.

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