How to Host a Hot Dance Party

Want to make lots of new friends, have a great time, and be the coolest kid in school? Throw a dance party.


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    Invite friends from your school that you want to know better and have fun with. Tell them the day before so they don't forget about it. Also, tell them to spread the word around school because some people won't show up at your party. It will be ruined if not many people show up.
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    Tell your parents. It usually ends badly if they are out somewhere and you throw a party. If they say no, don't have a fit because they will think you will never be mature enough to have a boy girl party. Just wait a month or so and ask again. Explain that you have grown more as a person.
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    Once they say yes, make sure they are not seen at your party. Have them go out to dinner, stay in their bedroom with a movie, etc. Whatever it takes, because if your parents are there, you WILL be embarrassed.
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    Set up. Make sure you have these rooms. One for dancing, one for eating, a few rooms for hanging out and talking, a bathroom, and a few private places where couples can go to be alone. In the dancing room, make sure that the lights are dimmed and not super bright. It sets the mood for dancing. If you don't have dimmers on your lights, then turn them off and light the room with stuff like disco balls, strobe lights, etc. Burn CDs of the latest music that everyone likes. Get tons of soda and snacks. The people will be hungry and thirsty after all of that dancing.
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    Hide your valuables. Anyone can show up at your party and you don't want anything stolen. Plus, people can break your stuff. So, hide that $100 dollar vase because there is a lot of people coming and you never know what will happen.
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    Have Fun! But watch over your guests and house to make sure nothing and no one gets broken. But don't spend too much time ordering people around because they won't have fun if you are telling them what to do and where to go. They will think you are uptight and will start saying things like: "Ok, Mom" and "I didn't know our teacher was here".
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    Make sure that everyone leaves eventually. A good way to get everyone out at the same time is a conga line or have them all dance out to the music one at a time.
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    Make sure that you clean up well after everyone is gone. Even though it is the least fun to clean it up, the food will attract bugs and mice. Also, it shows to your parents that they made the right decision letting you have this party and you are responsible enough to have another in the future.


  • Invite the opposite sex to your party. It's no fun without them, and parties like this give guys and girls a chance to spend time together.
  • If there is a low turn out to your party, then just get the people who came to call their friends and invite them.
  • If people are getting tired of dancing, suggest a game of spin the bottle. It's an entertaining and fun game that doesn't require a lot of hard work.
  • When everyone arrives, lay down the law. Tell them where they can't go or else they will be thrown out. But, end on something positive, so it doesn't seem like everyone is trapped in a few places. say something like:"Now party until tomorrow!" or "No parents, No teachers, now let's party!"


  • If a fight breaks out, don't panic; just tell them to take it outside and not in your house.
  • Make sure no people who you know are involved with beer or wine can come in. The last thing you need is for someone to kill themselves somehow from being drunk. Then, you will get sued and your parents may even go to jail for allowing underage drinking to take place at your house. (Even when they didn't know about it.)
  • You can prevent people who you don't want to come to your party by having an older sibling or have a list that you wrote down of the approved people. You can get that from the yearbook.

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