How to Host a Clothing Swap Party

Fresh clothes -- and the only thing you have to spend is a little time with your friends. It's a clothing swap party!


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    Invite. You'll want to send invitations out a couple of weeks in advance to let your guests have plenty of time to think about what clothes they will donate to the party. It's best to invite ten people or fewer. Any more and you'll be playing referee on a living room floor scuffle over the blue sheath dress that everyone was eyeing. Make sure each invitee has at least one other person that is her/hes size so that everyone has a great selection to choose from. Finally, try to invite friends with similar fashion sense.
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    Set rules:
    • Friends share a lot of things...but underwear isn't something that should be swapped. So tell your friends to leave the lingerie at home.
    • All clothing brought to the party should be clean and in good condition.
    • Each guest should bring a minimum of 5 articles of clothing so there is plenty to choose from.
    • Implement a numbering system or something similar to determine who gets to choose an item first. If you believe your guests can get along with no structure, at least think about what to do if two people want the same item. Rock-paper-scissors works well. If you want to add some spice to the party, have the two guests strut their stuff in the item of clothing and hold a vote. The girl/boy with the most votes gets the prize. Just make sure everyone knows it's all in good fun.
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    On the day of the party, make sure you have designated areas for tops, bottoms and dresses. If you don't have a wardrobe rack, get creative with the space and furniture you do have. Get the food and drinks out and crank up the music. It is a party, so have fun!

Things You'll Need

  • food and drinks
  • music
  • a designated room or two
  • clothes

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