How to Host a Cinderella Birthday Party

Out of all the Disney princesses, Cinderella has been an all-time favorite for kids. Girls are just crazy about how the unfortunate young woman became blessed with a good fortune and found her Prince Charming at the end. A Cinderella themed party is therefore inevitable for the parents of every young girl. Here is how you can organize a princess theme party that will let your daughter and her little friends have the royal treatment they dream about.


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    Send out invitations. The readymade invites are great for people who are hard-pressed for time. Since this theme is very popular, you can easily find many invitation options that will help you to excite your guests.
    • Alternatively, print a picture of Cinderella on a blue cardstock and place a clip art featuring a 'happy birthday' message. Decorate it with glitter and stickers of mice, stars, glass slippers, etc. On the reverse side, write your party details.
    • If your budget permits, buy glass slippers and use them as invites. Write your birthday message on a sticky note, attach it on the slippers, and gift wrap them. The girls will be surprised to get these Cinderella keepsakes. Request the guests wear them for your party. While buying slippers, make sure you choose the right shoe size so that the guests can wear them comfortably.
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    Get a venue and decorate it. It should be big and open so kids can run around.
    • Decorate the chairs with red and gold fabric to make them look like thrones.
    • Drape blue and white chiffon fabric from the wall to give a royal look to your party place.
    • Buy Cinderella birthday party supplies such as Cinderella theme plates, cups, latex as well as Mylar balloons, napkins, cutlery, and many more, to complete the look of your party.
    • Buy a castle gate decoration from your nearby party store or make one at home. Use it for entry gate decoration.
    • Place a lot of real pumpkin and pumpkin cutouts along with some toy mice around the party area. Kids will love to see these details in your party.
    • String steamers on the walls. You can also get posters of Cinderella and put them up on the walls, or, paint a mural of a castle.
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    Decide on what party food to provide:
    • A Cinderella cake is unavoidable. Either bake it at your home or order one from your nearby bakery.
    • For food, you can have edible magic wands made of pretzel rods, chocolate dipped strawberries, finger sandwiches cut into star and heart shapes using a cookie cutter, blue and pink cupcakes, etc.
    • Serve fruit punch, pink lemonade, strawberry shakes, etc. to quench the thirst of the hard working ladies.
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    Set up your party food in a corner of your area and have several people serve your guests, to make it feel "princess-y".
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    Sort out party favors. Glass slippers are the best party favors you can give to the little ones. If you haven't used them for party invitation, put them in the loot bags. Jewelry such as rings, pendent set, bracelet, etc. are some of the most popular favors for girls. Even though the girls may have many of these, they won't mind one more. A story of Cinderella or a DVD would be something that will make your kid's birthday memorable.
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    Organize some party games. Have a glass slipper treasure hunt activity so that the kids get busy for some time while you set the party table. Give them some clues and tell them that the mice have left these for them.
    • Play the Cinderella music and let the kids have a royal ball. To make it more interesting and royal, cover the ground with colorful balloons.
    • Tell the kids that they have received an invitation for the royal ball and they need to make their own jewelries for the evening. Let them try experimenting with plastic beads, faux jewels, yarn, ribbon, glue, etc.

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