How to Hold an Untrim the Tree Party

Just as you can have a party to trim the Christmas tree, you can also hold one to untrim it! An "Untrim-the-tree-party" can be a great way to motivate family members and friends to help pack away the tree on the Twelfth Night, when Christmas is officially over.


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    Decide who will be invited to the party. Send out informal invitations by email, text and even Facebook updates. For everyone close, just ask them directly to come along.
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    Make plenty of snacks. Use leftovers from Christmas, especially unopened packets of candies, nuts and other treats that were left after the festivities ended. Also make child-friendly treats. If you're offering substantial fare for a meal, try having a buffet as it allows everyone to help themselves as they're milling around enjoying the party.
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    Organize teams or individuals to do specific tasks to untrim the tree. Have some on fragile bauble wrapping, others tinsel winding and others wrapping fragile decorations. As well as dealing with decorations, there are lights to carefully wrap up, the tree to take down and the floor to sweep and vacuum. Then, put everything back into storage.
    • Be sure to provide enough wrapping items and all the storage boxes to make it easier for everyone.
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    Once the tree is untrimmed and out of the way, encourage everyone to enjoy the remaining party, including eating, watching a movie or two, relaxing and chatting and perhaps even playing games. The substance of the rest of the party is up to you.
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    Consider a small token of appreciation for each helper. It doesn't need to be anything big, perhaps just a small sweet or a voucher for a movie or an activity like ice skating or indoor climbing, to encourage the kids to keep active during the break.


  • Find the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and have everyone sing it during the untrimming of the tree.
  • Mulled cider is a nice drink for those in a cold climate zone. Serve a non-alcoholic version for the kids.


  • Unless you have a workshop vacuum that you don't much care about, it's not advised to suck up real pine needles in your regular household vacuum cleaner. Use a dust buster or a broom and dustpan. With all your helpers, you can all take turns.

Things You'll Need

  • Storage boxes
  • Wrapping items
  • Stepladder (optional but good if the tree is tall)
  • Bag for tree
  • Broom, dustpan and vacuum cleaner

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