How to Hold a Sleepover with Boys and Girls

Nowadays, it's common to have a friend group made up of both boys and girls in your teen years. However, holding a sleepover can be tricky, since ordinarily, sleepovers are very gender-based. Here's how to hold a fun, safe and enjoyable sleepover with guests of both genders.


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    Convince your parents. Ensure them of your true intentions- good, clean, fun. It will help if your parents can talk to your friends' parents, and if you have known your friends for quite a while. Make sure they are in a good mood when you ask, and that you have a reputation of being responsible and safe. Allow them to put limitations on the numbers of guests, noise and where you're allowed to sleep, if need be.
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    Create a guest list. Keep the ratio of boys to girls reasonable, since most parents won't allow their daughter to stay the night with seven teenage boys and nobody else. In terms of numbers, about three to nine people is plenty, depending on what your parents say and how much room you have. Avoid inviting people who are seen as "rowdy" or promiscuous, and avoid inviting couples if you can.
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    Get food- and lots of it. Teenagers are known for their appetites, and so a heap of food may be needed. Try to balance the healthy and unhealthy, since there's nothing worse than sharing a bathroom with everyone else who feels ill. Try things like pizza, energy drinks, soft drinks, chips, and sweets paired with fruit, sliced vegetables and dip, a cheese and bread selection, water and juice. If numbers are small enough, ask your parents to just double the ingredients for dinner that night, and have that as your main meal, and buy some snacks for the nighttime. Don't forget breakfast, as well!
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    Embrace your feminine side. Girls here will note that there are few things more fun than a girly sleepover, but perhaps some activities associated with these are not so appealing to guys. However, you may find the boys will enjoy a good gossip session and will find the things girls take for granted as sleepover bread-and-butter absolutely hilarious. Here's some suggestions:
    • Dance/music routines. This is a staple for teenage girl sleepovers, and you can appropriate this by using games such as Just Dance or SingStar. If you aren't taking yourself seriously, this can be really fun for everybody.
    • Beauty and cosmetic related activities. Try blindfolded makeovers or facial masks with unusual flavors.
    • Talk, talk, talk. Having a healthy D.M.C (Deep Meaningful Conversation) at 3AM is always good for bonding. Discuss school, crushes, life, fears, worries and hopes. In a secluded environment, you'll find most boys are happy to open up.
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    Try some more "masculine" activities. Boy's sleepovers are often held under wraps, and aren't shown in popular media like girl sleepovers are. For this reason, you may find you have no idea what your guy friends are used to. Here's some suggestions:
    • Movies. Ditch the romantic comedy in place of a comedy or a horror, or alternatively, try a "so bad it's good" movie, like "The Room" or "Birdemic".
    • Video games. Try a classic button-masher like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, or something else easy to pick up and not story-based. Also, try to pick something light-hearted like Mario Kart or Wii Sports. It may not be the sophisticated gaming experience you usually have at home, but it'll be fun nonetheless.
    • Surf the internet. Find flash games you can play together like "The Impossible Quiz" and search YouTube for your favorite funny videos. You can also use social media for a catalyst for gossip- but don't be too harsh on people.
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    Avoid things like Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle. It may seem like a kill-joy, but you don't want to lose your parents' trust, or have any bad consequences because people start messing around. If you're wanting a game to play, try 20 Questions with people you know, or Never Have I Ever. You can also download apps like "Heads Up", or play charades.
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    Accept behavior that you may find weird or unusual. A lot of girls use sleepovers as a complete and utter rant session, and you may find them all going from angry, to terrified, to overjoyed, to crying and back again. Follow the "what happens in the circle, stays in the circle" rule, and don't judge. Alternatively, you may find boys have no restraints in talking about sex and playing games like "F**k, Marry, Kill". Don't worry, they'll grow out of this. For now, just accept it and move on, or join in the conversation.
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    Give people a chance for privacy. Even if every attending is comfortable with the idea of a mixed gender sleepover, they may still want time and space to either be alone or be only with same-gender friends. Definitely provide a safe, private area for them to change clothes away from the eyes of other guests, and consider whether anyone might want to sleep separated from their mixed-gender peers, too. People differ a lot in what they're comfortable with, so it's a good idea to provide the option, even if nobody uses them.


  • If somebody is being uncomfortable or sexual, laugh it off and go to sleep, or indirectly tell them to stop. It just makes it awkward for the rest of the guests.
  • When hosting a mixed gender sleepover remember do not do things that appeal to one gender more (soccer for boys and makeup for the girls) try to do stuff both genders can enjoy.


  • Don't do activities that are mainly based for one gender at your male/female sleepover. For example, painting nails, doing makeup, etc.. It can make the other gender feel left out.
  • Some parents will never accept your true intentions, and will always say no. Accept it and stick to single gender sleepovers.
  • Make sure that if you are a child, that you have an adult to supervise you!

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