How to Hockey Skate

Significantly more aggressive and a bit faster-paced than figure skating, hockey skating combines the skill of ice dancing with the brutality of football. If you're ready to step up your game and try out a new sport, skip to step one below the jump and read on!


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    Buy hockey skates. Hockey skates are made to be tough and form to your foot and ankle and to add support to your skating. Remember that hockey skates should fit tightly to reduce movement while you are on the ice. A general rule to consider when buying a new pair of skates, is to wear the socks that you will wear while on the ice. Hockey skates generally run a size to a size and a half smaller than your shoe size.
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    Get a feel for the skates. Make sure that they fit well and don't wobble or buckle when you skate.
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    Gain speed. Do not keep your blades straight when you push. Try turning them to the side so you have more surface area pushing you ahead.
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    Get low. Squat as you skate, bending your knees as though sitting in a chair—this will cause your legs to get more of a stride helping you go faster. Also, you will survive a check better.
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    Balance. Think about the positioning of your feet. Try to keep them shoulder length apart.
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    Lean forward. Leaning back will cause you to place your weight towards the back of you, causing you to fall.
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    Keep your head and eyes up. Your body tends to go where your eyes go, so keep your eyes pointing in the direction you want to go.
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    Practice skating backwards. This will help you a lot, especially if you play defense. If you don't know how, start by pushing off the boards backwards. Once you get the feel try skating backwards, making an "S" motion with your skates.
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    Skate Hard. Hockey is about 85 percent skating. Skate hard and stop hard.


  • Practice using your inside edges. While facing forward, keep one foot facing forward, and cut a "C" into the ice with the other foot. Then use the opposite foot. Keep alternating. You will be propelling yourself down the ice using the "inside edges" of your skates. Really dig into the ice.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Your skates have two edges to the blade: inside and outside. You must master the use of both edges to learn to skate and maneuver like a hockey player.
  • Practice keeping one hand on your stick.
  • Practice using your outside edges. Make exaggerated cross overs. Swing your right foot way over your left, and then swing your left foot way over your right. Continue to alternate down the ice stepping one foot way over the other in exaggerated cross overs. You are propelling yourself down the ice using the "outside edges" of your skates.


  • Wear gloves. Blades are sharp and another player could step on your fingers.
  • Wear a helmet. Ice is hard.

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