How to Hire a Wedding Photographer On Line

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Your wedding photographer will be responsible for documenting your special day and creating a photographic memory of your wedding. It's important to find a wedding photographer with a style and personality that matches your wedding. Keep a few tips on how to hire a wedding photographer on line when searching the Internet.


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    Review their online portfolio.
    • A good initial step for choosing a wedding photographer on line is to review their online photography portfolio. Look at past wedding photo sets to get a better understanding of the photographer's style. Pay attention to how shots were composed and whether they were mostly traditional, posed shots or more nontraditional, spontaneous shots. This will help you decide if it's the style of photography you want.
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    View their work in person.
    • Verify authenticity when you find a wedding photographer on line by meeting with them in person and viewing their actual portfolios. An online portfolio could have included photographs lifted from someone else's website and might not be the photographer's real work. Seeing their work in person will help you determine whether they're honest and let you examine the photographs in closer detail.
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    Assess their personality.
    • Hire a photographer from the Internet only after you've met him or her in person and you've evaluated the photographer's personality. It's important that you and the photographer see eye-to-eye to ensure that you get the pictures you want, so make sure your personalities complement each other and you get along.
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    Ask about special requests.
    • Ask the photographers about any special requests you have. Describe an unusual shot or location you want included and verify they're willing to branch out and include it in the package. If they insist on sticking to package requirements specified on their website, you might want to look for a more flexible photographer.
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    Get it in writing
    • Any photographer you hire should be hired with a written contract detailing what's included in the photography package, the photographer's duties before and during the wedding and payment details. This is especially important when hiring a photographer on line to ensure you get what you're paying for.
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    Consider references objectively.
    • View the photographers' reference pages on their websites or get a list of contact references, but consider feedback from past clients with an open mind. Some may not have taken the time to review the photography ahead of time or meet the photographer, so they might not have gotten exactly what they wanted. Be sure to weigh these opinions, but still form your own.
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    Verify credentials.
    • Ask about the photographers' education, work experience and credentials if this information is not listed on their websites before you hire them. This will help ensure that you're not just hiring an inexperienced novice with a camera and website.

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