How to Hire a Smart and Productive VA

Virtual Assistants are dime a dozen nowadays. However finding reliable and responsible online assistants speak of a different ball game altogether. The ideal online assistant not only builds a fulfilling bond with the employer but also boosts the business as a whole. There are many small business owners who are in dire need of the ideal online assistant. But how can you spot someone like that? Here are tips to help you spot the ideal online assistant.


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    Check if your VA Treats your company like his own: The ideal VA is someone who is completely dedicated to the company’s welfare and is ready to do whatever need be to maintain its pristine status. This is particularly difficult as most online assistants are independent contractors. However if they show signs of respect for the company in their own subtle ways, they will turn out to be valuable assets. This means following up with a client after submission and finishing their work for them.
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    Check if your VA takes interest in company affairs: Most online assistants tend to fall into the routine of doing only what they are asked to do. The best candidates however make it known that they are ready to help their client in any which way possible. If they remind you of important meeting, due tasks and following up with your clients for you, without you telling them then you have landed yourself an efficient VA.
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    Check if your VA Helps in Ideating: The online assistant is not hired merely to follow orders, but to bring fresh ideas to the table as well. Most clients have their own way of dealing with things which can sometimes get them stuck in a rut. A VA that contributes to the ideating process and does well is a veritable asset to the company. To do that the assistant must stay up to date with technological news and advancements and suggest them to steer clear of competition.
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    Check if your VA is Flexible at Work: Working as a virtual assistant often implies that the candidate in question dictates his own working hours. However the candidate who is willing to bend his own rules to help the client in need is a good VA. Such an assistant understands that in this growing economy pitching in with a late night assignment or staying available 24/7 is the need of the hour. Such a quality will be greatly appreciated when working with the ideal client.
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    Check if your VA Takes responsibility for mistakes: The disciplined VA understands that mistakes are inevitable. Therefore he takes full responsibility for them and does not engage in a blame game. Clients understand that work can never be perfect on the first run and expect them to do a better job when they rectify their mistakes. The online assistant who understands and abides by this is considered to be ideal.
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    See if your VA makes fair invoices: The ideal online assistant understands his own shortcomings and hence does not try to mooch money off his client. Most online assistants work by the hour and tend to include personal errors into their invoices. This means that even if they delivered the work outside of the set deadlines they expect to be paid for it. The ideal financial virtual assistant is fair enough to understand that the client will not want to pay them for shoddy work and therefore calculates his invoices in a just manner.


  • If your virtual assistants have any of the above qualities, you should patronize them and treat them as assets.


  • If your VA is missing any of the qualities above, you must find a new VA

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