How to Hire a Mason

A mason is a skilled professional who knows all about concrete work, brick laying, or both, and who can perform work on any stone components of a structure, including the foundation or landscaping. Hiring a mason can be an intimidating prospect because you're usually investing a lot of money while handing your home over to somebody you don't know. When you are clear on the products and services you need and you check the mason's credentials and license, you can then agree on terms and payment. Draw up a contract to define the terms of the projects properly and to protect yourself legally and financially. Read the following steps to find out how to hire a mason.


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    Decide on all services or products you need.
    • If possible, write down the materials you would like used on the projects Though this isn't always possible, you can specify that you want a certain type of stone used for decorative work, etc.
    • In addition, write down what are your requirements for a satisfactory job. This can include such specifics as the duration of the project or the visual aspects of the finishing (such as removing excess grout).
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    Contact at least 2 masons to get different quotes so you can compare their prices and services.
    • Ask friends and family if they can recommend anybody.
    • You can also check the yellow pages or look for advertisements in local papers.
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    Get at least 2 quotes from masons.
    • The quote should be in writing and include a fixed price for an hourly wage, additional fees for the type of work, and the costs of materials. Ask that it is broken down into subtotals.
    • Depending on the scope of the job, you'll probably have to pay a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours of work for a smaller job. If you're having a large project done, you may wind up paying tens of thousands of dollars.
    • You may be able to negotiate the price, especially if you have a lot of work that needs to be done.
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    Check the mason's credentials.
    • You can ask each mason for their license number, or contact your state or national government to find out if a particular mason is licensed or not. The license should be in the mason's name or in his company's name.
    • Check his education and experience. Ask where he learned the trade and follow up on the trade school he attended or the mason with whom he apprenticed.
    • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against him. You can check on their website or contact them by phone.
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    Call his references. Ask for the contact details of some of his previous clients and ask them how they rate his job performance. Also ask them if they would hire him again.
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    Verify that the mason is insured and bonded.
    • His insurance should cover job related injury, health problems, and property damage.
    • He should be bonded to protect you if he doesn't meet the terms of the contract. Ask the mason for his bond information and follow up on that by contacting the bonding authority to make sure that his registration is current and covers the financial scope of the project.
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    Draw up a contract. This should cover the scope of the work and date of completion, quality and payment criteria, details about buying and storing materials, coordination of permits and inspections, and the information about insurance and bonding.

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