How to Hide Diary Keys

If you are one of those people who like to write in diaries, you'll definitely care about keeping the diary keys safe. Whether you want to protect your diary keys from naughty siblings, or you just want to make sure no one can find them, it can be tough at times. You never know what they might have up their sleeves. That's why you want to stay ahead of the game! With this article and a few household items, your diary keys will be protected in no time.


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    Hide your diary keys in the battery compartment at the bottom of a clock. This is the last place someone would look to find your diary keys. This is also a very good and simple place to put your keys if you have nowhere else to hide them.
    • Keep in mind that this only works with battery operated clocks and the standard clock you would put on a shelf, rather than a clock you would hang on a wall. Clocks like these can be found at a local store near you.
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    Hide your keys behind your drawer. Tape a small square piece of foam on the back of your drawer. Push a tack into the foam and hang your keys on the tack.
    • People will only think to check in your drawer rather than behind it, so this is a great way to hide your keys.
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    Hide your keys in a book. Take an old book (a thick one is recommended). Open up to the center of the book and cut a square in the center of the page, making sure the square is slightly bigger than your key. Do this to the following pages until you have a nice, thick hole in the book to store your key.
    • Be sure to place a book mark at the opening of the hole so you will be able to easily find the opening where your key is stored.
    • Do not cut square holes all the way to the back of the book. If you do this, your key will fall out of the book when you try to place the book away. Be sure to save at least 30 untouched pages at the back and front of the book. If you can save more untouched pages, that would help.
    • If you have an old dictionary, that would be much better to use.
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    Hide your keys under a mattress. Lift the tip of the mattress from your bed and tuck your key under it. If you can, tie a piece of thread to the key. Then tuck the key under the mattress, letting the thread hang loose from the side of the mattress. That way it would be easier to pull the key from under the mattress. If you can, use a thicker piece of string so it won't snap.
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    Hide your keys in your lamp. At first, this might seem like the most idiotic place to hide diary keys. Really, it isn't.
    • Push a tack in through the inside of your lamp shade. Hang your keys on the tack inside your lamp. It's that simple!
    • Make sure that your lamp shade is made of cloth or at least has some type of cloth on it!
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    Hide your keys inside of your pillow case on your pillow.
    • Be sure that a relative doesn't like to come in and do your laundry for you. This is a very big concern. If you do have someone do your laundry, you might want to skip this step.
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    Hide your diary keys in your shoes.
    • This sounds like a weird place to hide diary keys, but it does the trick. Find yourself a shoe and put your key in it.
    • If you want to, stuff some old paper, wrapping, or bubble wrap into the shoe to cover your key.
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    Hide your diary keys under a dresser.
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    Roll up your keys in newspapers and tape both ends closed. Then store the newspaper somewhere unnoticed, usually places like these:
    • On a chair in your room
    • On a window panel
    • In an old backpack
    • Poking out from being a pillow.


  • Keep your diary keys a safe distance away from your diary. If someone gets to your diary, at least they won't get your keys.
  • Try to avoid hiding your keys under your bed. This is sometimes the first place someone would look in order to find your keys.
  • If you want, you can hang your diary key on your neck. (This is not necessarily hiding them.)

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