How to Hide Big Ears

Two Methods:Using AccessoriesChanging Your Hair Style

Most people do not look at your features as critically as you do, and may even see your ears as a positive feature. That said, taking a little time to find a style you enjoy can help improve your self esteem.

Method 1
Using Accessories

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    Experiment with earrings. The right earrings can alter the overall appearance of your ears quite well, but the wrong ones will make them stand out even more. There are two approaches people use for large ears, so try them both and see which works for you:
    • Small lobe earrings detract attention from tall or stuck-out ear tips. Studs are a good choice, but small hoops or dangle earrings can work.
    • Other people take the opposite approach and wear large lobe earrings, making the ears look relatively smaller. Like upper cartilage piercings, this tactic does make your ears into a focal point, but perhaps one you can be proud of.
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    Wear sunglasses. Not only do these draw attention to your eyes, a pair of sunglasses with large frames can partially hide your ears if you push them up to your forehead.
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    Distract with a flashy top or necklace. While you might worry about your ears, chances are good that other people barely notice them, especially if you draw their attention elsewhere. Choose a top with a bright color or a vivid pattern, or wear a necklace.
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    Contour your face with makeup. Wearing a little makeup will focus attention on your face. Try contouring using two shades of foundation. Start by contouring the outline of your face with foundation two or three shades darker than your skin, then use lighter foundation to highlight areas such as the center of your forehead and the bridge of your nose. Blend these together well along the border between them.
    • You can even contour the outer edge of your ears in the same way, but this can be difficult to get right if you're not used to applying makeup.
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    Use double-sided tape. On days when you are feeling especially insecure, pin back your ears to the side of your head using double-sided tape. Use a tape intended for skin to avoid pulling out your hair, such as clothing fashion tape.
    • This is a temporary measure for occasional use. The tape may come undone if you leave it on too long.
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    Cover your ears completely. There are many accessories that hide your ears altogether, including headbands, earmuffs, bandanas, scarves, turbans, hoods, or a hat large enough to tuck your ears into. A large pair of headphones will also work when you're engaged in solitary activities in public.

Method 2
Changing Your Hair Style

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    Alter a short hairstyle. If you have short hair, try applying mousse or other hairstyling products, and mussing your hair in a bedhead look to partially hide your ears or distract from them.
    • In the long run, you could try growing out the sides of your hair to medium length, to cover your ear tips. You can keep the rest of your hair short, although not buzz cut short.
    • All the remaining steps in this section are focused on medium to long hair styles.
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    Add volume and lift. The more volume your hair has, the easier it will be to cover your ears. There are several ways you can accomplish this:
    • Apply dry shampoo.
    • Use mousse or other hair styling products.
    • Curl your hair, add a wave, or get a perm. The simplest method is to use hair curlers overnight, but there are more permanent options described in the linked articles, or available at hairdressers.
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    Wear loose pony tails or braids. If you have long hair, pull it back loosely, so the sides arc over your ears. Side ponytails or braids are another option.
    • Avoid tight or high pony tails, which pull your hair away from your ears.
    • You can even go for the princess Leah side buns look, if you want to completely hide your ears.
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    Grow out your bangs. Long, sideswept bangs can hide your ears completely. Even shorter bangs left in front, with the rest of your hair pulled back, will make your hairstyle softer and less star, so your ears are not as much of a focal point.


  • Some people use tattoos to change their ears into something they enjoy.
  • If you experience extreme discomfort or self-esteem issues from the appearance of your ears, cosmetic surgeons offer "ear pinning" or "ear tuck" surgery to pull back your ears closer to your head. The risk is relatively small when the surgery is performed professionally and with local anesthetic, but there may be significant discomfort as your ears heal over the next few weeks.[1]

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