How to Hide an Ankle Sprain

If you sprained or hurt your ankle recently and have a big event coming up, here's some tips on how to mask your injury so you don't have to limp around with a bandage in front of a crowd.


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    First and foremost, make sure that you treat your ankle very well before the event. You have to make sure it is rested and not overworked so there won't be too much strain on it later on. This includes keeping it wrapped in a tensor bandage, icing it every 2 or 3 hours for 15 minutes and keeping it elevated above heart level.
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    Take some painkillers before the event so you are not in too much pain. Take some more with you just in case the pain elevates during the event.
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    If your ankle is feeling very sore and delicate, it's best to keep the tensor bandage on during the event. Guys should be fine because they can simply wear pants and closed toed shoes to hide the bandages. As for ladies, they can wear a nice pair of dress pants, or try wearing some cute ankle boots to hide the bandage; ankle boots are very trendy!
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    Ladies, try to avoid high heels. Wear trendy flats or some super low kitten heels! If you absolutely must wear high heels, find intervals during the event when you can take them off and walk very delicately.
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    To avoid limping, which would be a dead giveaway of the injury, walk on the balls of your feet. This keeps the pressure on your foot localized to one area and will allow you to walk without bending your ankles. This should be a relatively pain-free way to walk for minor ankle injuries. Be aware that if you are walking in high heels, it will be extremely difficult to keep your weight on the balls of your feet and will probably be painful.
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    Stay seated as much as possible to prevent unnecessary strain from your ankle.
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    When standing, keep your weight on your uninjured foot.
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    If dancing is involved, keep it low-key. Keep your legs still or slowly moving from side-to side and compensate by swinging your waist and arms around more.
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    Tell people you are feeling a bit tired, and they won't be surprised if you take frequent breaks to sit down, which will allow you to rest your ankle.
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    Take bathroom breaks every 2 hours; soak some toilet tissue in cold water and wrap it around your ankle while in the bathroom to soothe it.
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    Go home early! Don't push yourself to stay out on your feet too late because you could do some serious damage to your already injured ankle. Your friends and family will understand if you leave earlier than usual; everyone gets tired once in a while!


  • Be careful not to wrap the ankle bandage too tight! If your toes start to get numb or cold, it needs to be loosened!
  • If your ankle injury is more than 2 days old, treat it with heat before the event, but treat it with cold water whenever you can during the event so you can ease the new strain on it.
  • When taking a break from dancing, put your feet up on a chair. This will allow you to elevate your ankle and relieve some of the blood flow for a while.
  • Choose an ankle bandage that matches your skin tone, so even if someone manages to catch a glimpse of it, it won't be so obvious.
  • Remember, it's better to show up to an event on crutches or skip it than to strain your ankle to much and end up breaking it.
  • If your ankle is truly hurting you, do not make it worse just to go to that event. If you play on it more, you could just worsen the sprain and miss the next event also.


  • Don't overdo the painkillers! Follow the instructions on the bottle to avoid overdosing. If you are still feeling a lot of pain while on painkillers, your injury is more serious than you thought and you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Wearing heels with a sprained ankle is very dangerous. You could easily roll it and cause a severe injury.
  • If you start to feel more pain during the event or your ankle becomes too swollen, call it quits and go home. You will only end up hurting yourself.
  • If your ankle cannot bear too much weight and you cannot find a comfortable spot on your foot to put pressure on, your sprain is probably more serious than you thought. See a doctor immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Ice
  • Heating packs
  • Tensor bandage
  • Flat, comfortable shoes
  • Painkillers
  • crutches, if it's very bad

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