How to Hide a Small Object or Note

Do you have a small object that you aren't supposed to have in school? Somebody wrote you a note and you want to keep it, but away from prying eyes? Hiding notes and/or small objects can be quite tricky. But don't sweat-this article is all you need.


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    Think about whether you really need to keep it. Do you really want to keep the note forever? Is this small object extremely important? Sometimes it's better just to throw away a note or object, and it's much safer. So think about whether you really need to keep this note/object.
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    Think about what area to hide it in. Is it safer to hide it at home-or school? Home can be a dangerous place, because you're in risk of family members finding your note/object or accidentally throwing it away/damaging it. School can also be dangerous because there are a lot of people who may find your note/object.You may have a different area-but other people may have access to it. Weigh the pros and cons of different areas, and select one carefully.
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    Think about a specific place to hide it. A box? Drawer? Cupboard? This might sound crazy, but even a half filled bottle of baby powder or something similar works perfectly too. Think carefully about the safety zone of each place. You want somewhere which isn't obvious, and preferably doesn't have too much public access as your note/object may eventually be found or accidentally damaged. Think carefully and come up with a specific place.
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    Cover it up or disguise it. If it's a note, perhaps you can slip it inside a book that nobody will read-or an old CD cover. If it's a small object, you could rip an old soft toy and slip it carefully inside, or put it inside a box of tissues that only you use. Make sure that even if somebody comes across the area and place you've hidden it in, they won't actually find it. This is very important and ensures extra protection, which is always good.
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    Keep it a secret. If nobody knows about your note/object, then nobody is going to go looking for it-giving you a lot more protection. As excited as you are, keep your mouth zipped. Don't even tell your closest friends-because they may tell their closest friends and it'll leak out, or they may accidentally let it slip. Basically, keeping it a secret is much safer.


  • Make sure that you won't forget where you've hidden the note/object-if you do, then you're really stumped.
  • If the note/object has a lot of sentimental value or use, then don't feel pressured to throw it away-in years to come, you may want to look back at it.
  • Be careful while handling the note/object-delicate things may get damaged or broken with too much careless handling.
  • Make sure that where you hide the note/object has a lot of privacy. The more people who are around, the less safe.
  • Act relaxed, even if somebody is standing right next to your note/object. If you're really uptight, they're going to smell a rat.


  • Be prepared for people to get very close to finding your note/object.
  • You may get in trouble if found with something you're not allowed to bring to school, and it may be confiscated. Be very careful, and as stealthy as possible.

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