How to Hide a Scoliosis Brace

Four Methods:Fitting Pants to Your New WaistMasking the Brace with Shirts and DressesLayering Clothing for a BraceAccessorizing to Draw Attention Away from Your Brace

Being diagnosed with Scoliosis can be difficult to handle. Wearing a brace to fix the curvature of your spine doesn’t have to be a fashion prison sentence. It is likely that no one will even notice the brace when you work out ways to hide it and still look great.

Method 1
Fitting Pants to Your New Waist

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    Increase your waist size to fit pants over a Boston Brace. The Boston brace continues over the hip. In order to fit pants over the brace, you will need to go up one size in your pants. Be sure to wear your brace when you go shopping for pants to find the perfect fit.[1]
    • If increasing the size makes the pants seem too big on you, have a tailor take in the seams on the legs for a better fit.
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    Try stretch jeans. Jeans can be a tough fit when you are wearing a brace. Some jeans are made with a combination of denim and lycra, which allows them more flexibility than your average pair of jeans. This can be helpful if you are trying to stretch the waistband over the brace and find that going up in size is creating a poor fit for the rest of the pant.[2]
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    Avoid pants with a low rise waist. This used to be more of a challenge than it is now, but low rise pants are not as trendy as they once were. You can easily find pants with a higher rise, which will be more effective if you are wanting to wear pants to cover the bottom of the brace.[3]
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    Layer elastic-waisted pants under your brace. Avoid trying to fit pants with buttons and snaps underneath the brace. These will dig into your skin and become painful. Leggings and jeggings are in style and fit comfortably under the brace.
    • While guys may not want to wear leggings and jeggings, they can still take advantage of elastic waistbands by wearing gym shorts, sweats or jogging pants.
    • Pants with elastic waists can also be stretched over the top of the brace to cover it.

Method 2
Masking the Brace with Shirts and Dresses

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    Go with the flow. Fit shirts loosely over the brace. You don’t want your shirt to hug the brace, which will reveal the shape of the mechanism. You also don’t want to lose your body shape altogether with a shirt which is too baggy. Choose a shirt with shape, but which lays over the brace instead of hugging it.[4]
    • Guys and girls can wear button down shirts to achieve shape while covering the brace.
    • Girls should try flowing fabrics and shirts which have detail toward the top and flow out from there.
    • The brace will make you warmer than usual. When shopping for shirts, consider air flow and lighter material for breathability.
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    Cover the brace with a thick material. The thicker the material of your shirt, the less likely the details of the brace will be visible through it. Covering the brace with a sweater or sweatshirt will ensure that the brace does not show through.
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    Distract with details. The more embellishments there are to your shirt or dress, the more camouflaged your brace will be. These tricks can include ruffles, tiers, embroidery and patterns. By just choosing a shirt with stripes or plaid, the lines of the brace are going to be less visible.
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    Leave room for the tail. You will want a long shirt or a shirt with tails. This is going to cover the part of the brace which extends over your hips. This is especially helpful if you are wearing pants underneath your brace. The long shirt will cover the exposed brace around your hips.
    • Try button down shirts, sweaters, long t-shirts and tanks.
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    Match the shape of your brace. If you have a Chêneau brace, you can cover it with an asymmetrical shirt that follows the lines of the brace over one shoulder and longer on that side. This will cover both the extension of the top and the bottom of the brace.
    • As a bonus, the asymmetrical shape can also help counter the curvature of your spine by creating the illusion of an opposite curve.

Method 3
Layering Clothing for a Brace

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    Start with a seamless tank top underneath the brace. This is especially recommended for people who where the Chêneau brace or a brace which reaches high into the armpit. A tank top which rises higher will protect your armpit and make you more comfortable. You also want to avoid ribbed tanks or seams which might dig into your skin when your brace is tightened.[5]
    • Buy several tanks when you find one that works, so you will have enough to change out every day.
    • Try Under Armor or Gap’s Modern Crew Tee.
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    Pull a hoodie over your brace. When the weather is cool, hoodies and cardigans are a great addition to your wardrobe. The thick material combined with the length of hoodies are a perfect cover for any brace. They are also worn over other shirts, which give you the extra buffer between the brace and the exterior layer.
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    Dress up your outfit with a jacket. The outer layer of a jacket or sport coat can add class and style while covering the shape of the brace. If the curvature of your spine is creating uneven shoulders, you can also add a shoulder pad to the inside of on of the shoulders of a jacket to balance out your stance.[6]
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    Match a tight first layer with a loose second. If you want to wear a tighter dress or a tunic tank, you can add a second, flowing layer, like a light cropped sweater, over the top to cover any lines of the brace and still allow you to comfortably wear the tighter layer underneath.

Method 4
Accessorizing to Draw Attention Away from Your Brace

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    Cover the top of the brace with a scarf. If the tips of the brace are visible above the neckline of your shirt, you can drape a scarf around your neck and over the exposed pieces. Scarves also draw the attention up toward you face and away from the brace.[7]
    • Infinity scarves work great for this purpose and will keep you covered with style.
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    Tie a belt or sash around your waist. This can give you shape at your waist, and the thickness of the belt can be pulled tight against your brace without revealing any lines underneath. This is a good trick to try with a long tunic and some leggings.
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    Avoid the area of the brace altogether with a bold piece of jewelry. Finally, stop worrying about the brace and focus on your amazing style. Get a bold piece of jewelry or an amazing pair of shoes and draw attention away from your brace to your bracelet!


  • Make sure the Velcro straps aren't sticking out.
  • Wear your brace as much as possible; you'll be grateful you did in the long run and life without your brace will be much, much longer.
  • Don't wear jeans or any pants that have hard fabric. Your brace will rub over the fabric and it will be painful.

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