How to Hide a Nose Piercing from your Parents

Three Methods:Using a Retainer to Hide the PiercingHiding Your Nose Piercing With Makeup or BandagesChoosing a Fake Nose Ring

So you want a nose piercing, but you're not allowed? There are ways your can downplay your piercing and make it less visible when your parents are around. The same methods work for people trying to hide a piercing at work.

Method 1
Using a Retainer to Hide the Piercing

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    Buy a retainer used for nose piercings. These are high-tech plastic pieces that are specifically designed to conceal a nose ring.[1]
    • Conceal the piercing with a flesh-colored acrylic retainer. There are small domes or balls of flesh colored acrylic that you can buy to cover up a nose piercing.They are sometimes made with clear Lucite.[2]
    • You can also cover the piercing with a tiny flat disc that you’ve painted with skin-tone nail polish. Clear glass and quartz nostril screws are also made to conceal nose rings. The acrylic containers can also be better for people with sensitive skin.
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    Put in the retainer. Nose piercing retainers are designed to hide the nose piercing completely. It may look like a mole or pimple. Some may even be invisible, though, and, of course, that's the goal.
    • You insert the ball end straight into the piercing so the clear cone remains on the outside of the piercing. The clear cone will look like a tiny bump on your skin.
    • Some of these retainers are very comfortable. They are also small so you might want to buy a few so if you lose one, you have another back up.[3]
    • You can also find retainers that will work for curved nose studs or nose screws. Some retainers come with a decorative ending that you can use when you are not trying to camouflage the piercing.[4][5]
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    Tuck the piercing into the nose. Wet the piercing with a little bit water. Put your hands into the piercing, and push it up.
    • Do this for a horseshoe piercing that’s worn in the septum. Don’t do this with a piercing that you just got because it will need to heal.
    • Obviously, you don’t want the tucking process with a nose ring, but it does work to conceal the ring in the septum.[6]

Method 2
Hiding Your Nose Piercing With Makeup or Bandages

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    Apply your regular foundation. You should also put powder on your face. Use a highly concentrated concealer with a concealer brush.
    • Brush the concealer over the piercing. Work the product into the area. Choose a color that is closely matched to your skin.
    • Take a sponge to blend the makeup into the area so that it looks natural
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    Use blister bandages. Use the outside of the bandage. Cut it into a small strip with a pair of scissors. Put the tiny strip on your face over the nose ring.
    • Then, hold it down with tweezers as you stick it back on, and then cut around it so that it covers the nose ring. Cut the edges to make it almost look like a circle.
    • Then take liquid bandage and put two coats on the small piece. You should be able to buy this at many department stores. It will smell like nail polish. Apply it over the small bandage over the piercing. Put on two or three coats, and let it dry.[7]
    • Complete the process by placing makeup foundation over the piercing with a makeup sponge.
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    Make sure you don’t cause harm to yourself. Nose piercings can take longer to heal than ear piercing. That’s because the ears are made of softer tissue than the nose.
    • Don’t use a stud or a ring that’s too big to fit your nose or you could develop some scar tissue. Leave the piercing alone. Don’t tug on it, or you could also cause scar tissue.
    • You can also wear the retainer while the nose is healing. Make sure that you use sterile procedures – keeping the piercing clean – when you change nose piercings.

Method 3
Choosing a Fake Nose Ring

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    Get a fake nose ring. If you’re worried about getting in trouble for having a nose ring or your parents won’t let you get one, how about trying a fake one?
    • A piercing is a serious decision. A fake nosing piecing can allow you to test out the look too with no regrets.[8]
    • Nose piercings are painful. Why go through the pain when you can fake it, and still get the look! Try a magnetic or spring hoop ring. These look real but they don’t require an actual puncture. Another positive is that you don’t risk having a scar.
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    Choose your fake nose ring variety. You have a lot of options when picking a fake nose ring, so play around with the look and feel.
    • Some fake nose rings are actually clip-ons that use small magnets that are placed on the inside of the nose. The nose ring itself shows as a small stud or bone that is attracted by the magnet.
    • Fake nose hoop rings work differently. They come with a small spring that looks like a disc. The spring clips the nose ring onto the nose. These fake nose rings look real to most people.
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    Buy clear nose rings. You can get these at common accessory stores. Take a hair straightener, and melt the little ball at the end so it’s flat and sets against your skin.
    • Take out your regular nose ring. Take petroleum jelly. It will make it easier for the clear nose ring to insert into your nose. Put it on the spot where you have the nose piercing.
    • Put some of the jelly on the actual nose ring. Stick it into the nose. Wipe off the extra petroleum jelly.[9]


  • Act casual or your parents will notice.
  • Look after your piercing so it doesn't get infected or your parents will definitely notice.
  • Don't touch the piercing in front of your parents. This will draw attention to it.
  • Choose a smaller piercing or one closer to your skin tone.
  • A retainer with a small, flat stud can be better for concealing the piercing.
  • Consider telling your parents. Maybe they will understand! Lying is never a good thing.


  • You may need to wear your piercing for 2-4 weeks when you first get it. It’s a good idea to keep the original in during that healing period.

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