How to Help Your Family Lose Weight

Losing weight as an individual can be very stressful, but when a family follows a weight loss program together, losing weight is no longer isolating. When done right, losing weight as a family can be fun and rewarding, because not only will it help families become healthier, it will also bring a family closer together. Consider the following steps when incorporating a program to help your family lose weight.


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    Visit a grocery store together to allow everyone the opportunity to choose their favorite healthy foods. If finances are a concern, then take turns each week.
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    Balance your menus by including a protein, a starch, and a vegetable. Look online for ideas. Meals don't have to be complicated; they could be as simple as grilled chicken, whole grain pasta, and broccoli.
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    Plan your meals ahead of time when losing weight with the family. If you know what you are going to cook and you have already bought the ingredients, then you will be more inclined to prepare a healthy meal.
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    Eat as a family, and use the opportunity to catch up on each other's days. This will not only be a great way to come together, but it will stop you from shoveling your food down.
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    Learn about healthy portion control. A rule of thumb for adults is usually three ounces (90g) of protein, one cup (175g) of vegetables, and half a cup (87.5g) of starch. Bring serving dishes to the table to allow all family members to learn how to serve themselves proportionately. Successful portion control means that you don't have to miss out on your favorite desserts or fried food dishes, you just need to learn how much of it you can eat without it being bad for you.
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    Eat better by taking smaller bites, chewing your food longer, and eating at a slower pace. This method of eating is essential in helping your family lose weight because it allows the food to begin the digestion process in the mouth. It also fills the body faster so you are more inclined to eat less. If you practice eating in this manner, it will become second nature.
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    Cut down or eliminate sugary drinks and sodas for children and alcohol for adults. Water is always the best beverage, but fruit juices and low fat milk are just as important. Consider adding seltzer water to juices for a little fizz.
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    Make sure that your family weight loss program includes an exercise regimen. Take regular walks, bike rides, and join a gym as a family. Doing so will not only make you fitter, but it will provide another opportunity to bring the family together.
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    Reduce screen time to one to two hours a day. This includes TV, computer, and video games. Find other ways to be entertained as a family. Go outside and play Frisbee or toss a ball around, or visit a park together.
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    Plan active family vacations, or take trips that incorporate more active events like hiking, walking, and canoeing. Camping is one alternative that includes a lot of activity and, again, brings the family together.


  • Remember that losing weight as a family is not a short term diet program; it is a permanent change in your way of life. For this reason, make sure that the changes you make are for the long-term.
  • Focus on the family when losing weight and be a support for each other. Don't turn the process into a competition, but rather, assume the success of your weight loss a family accomplishment. If one person is having a hard time, find out what can be done to make the process easier. Every member of the family should have input in the foods you eat, the exercises you perform, and the vacations you take.


  • Don't go to the grocery store hungry. Doing so will most likely tempt you into buying unhealthy snack foods or overspending.

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