How to Help Your Child Prepare for a New School

Many kids suffer from first day jitters. If you are a parent or a child wanting to stop these, look no further. Parents sometimes need to step in to ensure that children don't feel so nervous on their first day of a new school, or just another plain year in general. Here's how:


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    Prepare. Buy a new outfit and/or new supplies for the first day. This will help ease the nerves on the first day, knowing that you or your child is confident because of their appearance. Many children fear being made fun of, so wearing something new or having new supplies make children feel more at ease with themselves and be more social with the children around them.
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    Say hello. Tell your child not to be afraid of making new friends. Sometimes when children move to a new city, they are reluctant to make new friends. They don't want to betray their old ones by making new. Explain to them that making friends is fine if they want to. In fact, it's a necessity for being happy in a new town. They should learn to make new friends and visit them. You should not be reluctant to have friends over in the first few months. That's because these first few months will be the hardest for your child and if you let them have their way a little bit for the first few months, it will be much easier for them to make new friends.
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    Be on time. Carry a watch around with you for any classes you have. This enables you to be on time. Try not to be late. Make a good impression on your teachers. They are there to teach and if you walk into class 10 minutes later than it started, you will be yelled at and maybe even given detention. That is not something you want on your first day.
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    Introduce yourself. Introduce yourself to your teachers and peers. Remember that you can come to your teachers for help. That's what they are there for. If you ever have a problem, you can always go to them and ask for advice.
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    Study hard. The smartest thing to do when you get a fresh start is to make a good first impression. But once you start, don't stop! Being smart and studying hard, although at times may seem nerdy or uncool, is really going to work out for you in the long run. Many children who say that reading or studying is uncool, read and study, too. Don't be above learning, because nobody is. Everyone can learn something from anyone, no matter how different they are. Whether they be mean, nice, small, large or anything, you can learn from them. Learning never stops, no matter how determined you are not to learn.
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    Don't let pressure bring you down. Many children suffer from having other ones terrorize them. They pressure other children into taking drugs and other things at ages that they shouldn't be. Tell your kid about it and explain to them that doing drugs is wrong and don't let them be stepped on. Many children also suffer from bullies and as a result of it, they are pushed around and don't get treated in the way that they deserve. It is very important to explain to your child that they shouldn't let themselves be stepped on by the cooler or bigger kids in school. This does not only occur in younger grades but also in older ones. The more popular children treat the less popular ones as if they were a "smaller and faintly uglier species". Don't let your child be shown this kind of behavior.
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    Be yourself. Don't act like someone you are not. Although this may seem like a fresh start in a school where nobody knows who you are, it is no excuse to pretend to be someone that you are not. Be yourself, and smile. Remember to treat other people the way you would want to be treated. Nobody likes someone who is unkind to others, so be sure to help out when you see somebody that needs it.


  • Remember to be happy and enjoy the time together that you have with your family.
  • Remember that almost all of these rules, if not all, imply to everything, not just school. Moving is no joke but you must let your kids see that life in a new town could be fun, and not to dwell on the fact that they left their friends. They must understand that they need to move on. Its fine to be a little bit upset over losing some friends but they need to know that life goes on.

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