How to Help wikiHow Without Editing

Want to do some "busy work" without getting too involved because you are leaving in a few minutes, or you just aren't "feeling it"? Here are some things you can do.


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    Check out the Community Dashboard. Some things that you can do without actually doing any editing are, categorization, tips patrol, the NFD Guardian (if you have the ability), and the Method Guardian.
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    Go to the Stub category. Go through them and see if they actually need the stub. Sometimes, a short article is all that is needed. Quite often, the articles are tagged as a stub only because they are short. Remove them as needed. Be sure to say something appropriate in the Summary box. Don't be afraid to NFD|DUP if that is what you think an article needs.
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    See if any titles need to be changed (you can find those articles by going to the title category). Make sure that the suggested change applies, and that you remove the {{title}}.
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    If you are feeling daring, check out the Merge category. Look at the suggested merge and see if it actually applies. It's possible that it is just a duplicate or the merge isn't appropriate.
    • However, you will find that merging still produces two edits, if you look at your list of contributions (or edits). However, these edits are simpler to complete than other types of edits (such as a rewrite or copyedit).

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