How to Help the People in Need

Four Parts:Donating moneyGiving your timeSharing compassionHelping Online for Free

Someone you know somewhere might be in trouble financially. They don't have enough food, or even a roof over their head. What can you do to help? There are many useful and caring things you can do to help out.

Part 1
Donating money

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    Collect money. Not 20 dollars a day, just the change you find around your house. When you find money on the street and you don't know who it belongs to, collect and help save someone's life. Put it in a piggy bank or a jar and put it someplace safe. Donate that money to a local food pantry or a charity.
    • Get your parent's permission to raise and donate money, if you're a child.
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    Donate some of your income or savings. Make a regular donation to a charity of your choice from your own money. You can choose from people in need in your own area, through to people in need overseas.
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    Donate food. Food banks and other welfare sources often need food to feed people in need. Check the website for a list of needed items, to ensure that what you give is what is needed. Fresh food is often missing from such places, so check whether this is something that you can provide.

Part 2
Giving your time

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    Be someone's hero for the day. Go to a nursing home, talk to the elderly, and put a smile on their faces. Or visit people in hospital or a hospice. Sharing time to interact with people will give you a feeling you will never forget.
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    Donate your time to help make or supply meals. Work at a soup kitchen or welfare kitchen for the needy. Try to allocate a regular time when you can turn up and help out.
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    Make things. If you're good at making things, give your time to create useful items. This might be clothing, blankets, hats, food, etc. Do whatever it is is that you're good at and help out.

Part 3
Sharing compassion

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    If you see someone who's looking blue, just reach out and offer a kind word, a smile, a hug. Sometimes people just feel like they need someone to care. Maybe they're confused and not sure what's going on just in the moment, or in a bigger picture such as where their lives are headed. The purpose of our lives is to love, laugh, be happy and to grow together, sharing with one another. If we are all too busy to notice someone who is in emotional need, it can leave the person wondering what's the real point of everything. By reaching out and smiling, showing compassion, listening, offering a word of gentle advice, you remind both yourself and the other what the bigger picture is, and bring a little burst of more light and happiness into the world. Enough of those bursts and lights contribute to the tipping point towards a more compassionate and joyful world.

Part 4
Helping Online for Free

It is not always possible to donate a considerable amount of time or money to causes. However, there are methods online that are both free and easy which allow anyone with internet access to help.

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    Play FreeRice. This is a simple website where you answer questions to donate rice to people in need. They work through the UN World Food Programme. Every time you answer a question, ten grains of rice are donated. There are a variety of categories, including vocabulary and geography.
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    Use click-to-give websites such as GreaterGood. When doing this, you want to be sure they are giving to good charities.
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    Download the Tab for a Cause extension. This is an extension where every time you open a new blank tab, a customizable dashboard with a small ad comes up as your default new tab page. The advertisement money is then apportioned to charities based on percentages of user votes (one new tab is one vote.)


  • Keep a smile on your face, that means the world to people.
  • Online forms of giving rely on advertisements displayed on your screen to procure the money they give. Having an adblocker active will interfere with their work. Depending on your adblocker, it may be possible to deactivate it for certain websites.
  • Helping can be just about anything as long as it is done in sincerity. Even a simple smile, "hello," or compliment could lift someone's spirit!

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