How to Help the Next Generation of America

The next American generation of youth needs our creativity and inspiration. Hopefully, you can creatively use cable, satellite TV and the internet, and social networking in many ways; it can all help kids greatly, if... These days youth have access to way more sub-par adult information than many can handle well. Many have grown up (lost naivete) way fast, influenced by the many shocking bits that add-up into a hard reality in modern multimedia. It is great when the somewhat older generations, help contribute to and bring America back to its moral roots and most, if not all, of our traditional values. Here are tips on how to get involved with and help the budding generation of America.


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    Consider volunteering or getting a job with kids.
    • If you are retired, how little a job pays won't matter, as these often pay less than you could earn as a licensed professional. Or if you are not the primary income earner in your home, you might be able to afford taking these wages -- to be great helping kids. "If you would be great, you must serve."
    • Work at kids summer camps, in preschool education, or in after school programs with/for children.
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    Try to give advice enthusiastically when you can to the children you work with or that are in your family/extended family. Help them to decide on good choices in life. Don't be heavy-handed, overbearing or too off-handed/flippant.
    • Tell them your stories so that maybe they can learn from your mistakes. Tell them what not to do, but also tell them what you wish you would have done, be dramatic or comical if you can. Make an impact.
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    If you are looking for a more highly salaried paying job, consider becoming a teacher or child counselor.
    • Kids more than ever need good teachers and counselors in schools, youth centers or churches, since parents have become more absent from their children's lives due to many mom's working or getting snagged by soapbox operas, social networking, chipping drugs and "smoking" or what have you.
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    Lead an evening, Saturday or Sunday-school class or any small group for children or teens, at a youth club, or at a church, temple or another place of worship. Parents need to stay to keep kids under control. Teach them everything you know each year, a little at each opportunity. Mentor them, encourage them, inspire them.
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    Make inspirational YouTube videos. Tune them up for kids or teens and make them brief but captivating/involving, relevant to their lives. Try possibly for "hilarious, exciting or at least engaging/interesting content and costumes, etc."
    • Make hilarious teaching videos. Where do the youth of America spend their time learning -- at YouTube/Google -- Googling for interesting stuff all over the Web.
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    Be a real example: Help them have good, moral fun, being a great inspiration and fun to be around.
    • Become a great game player, or sport and/or Olympic competitive athlete, who praises good behavior, and is spiritual -- avoiding hypocrisy.
    • Make downloadable games that teach ethics and values. Make a trivia game. Make a board game, crossword puzzle
    • Do downloadable art such as color by numbers or instructions of how to do art, using historical or religious figures, etc.
    • Be lovable, work to overcome narcissistic/neurotic tendencies, fight phobias, by being realistic, but kind, actually doing/showing thoughtful behavior. Do what you teach and proclaim.
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    Go to where they are and try to influence or do whatever creative thing you can think of:
    • Music. If you have musical talents, try becoming an inspirational/spiritual song artist. We need more Good News, song writers and rap artists that kids can really look up to, instead of having so many secular artists and stars that are bad influences to form moral/immoral concepts (gangstas, glorifying drugs, etc.).
      • Do love songs that inspire, and teach morality, like "Lemon tree very pretty, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat..."
    • Teach how to be gracious, loving and kind... not just nice. So, love goes the second mile, far beyond nice to actively help. Make your love active and not self-centered, not like: "Me, my spouse and my two kids -- us four and no more..."
    • Comedy: Be a hilarious comedian for youth, who is clean and not just "insane" -- to be worthwhile.
    • Sports: Make a kids' sport network -- or something like the "Harlem Globetrotters" with fun routines for kids but spiritual. The sport-players could do quick change skits to do Bible characters or try famous, historical personalities (probably passed away 50 years ago or more)..
    • Political figures: "Don't tell them... Show them" the great leaders who had excellent or good moral behavior: George Washington, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, Andrew (Andy) Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, etc.
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    Do social networking that is inspirational and spiritual.
    • Facebook. Do one page of tag team, "public" to the entire world, not private. Try to do adventurous, educational, humorous but inspirational postings, but not like what you ate for breakfast, or a simple picture of a cute puppy, etc.
    • Make a Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest page, more than shallow, silly stuff, like kittens -- and not like grandma's religious pictures.
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    Write "serious" but youthful drama that can be helpful to people younger than you. Create a series of:
    • Short stories: Topics such as studying to be a success in school for kids.
      • Adolescent detective stories, but not getting too weird.
    • Novels or nonfiction: Adventures in missionary trips for youth, for example.
      • Do eBooks, electronic media of several short stories or a novelette.
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    Mash-up stories (totally change-up, rewrite and combine two or more old stories) -- and possibly redo them as a series of stories; that may become a mini-series.
    • Video a comic strip online Facebook/YouTube, etc., fun and "zonk, zowie", comic writing.
    • "Crack-up" kids with comic strips compiled into a book for kids.
    • "Slide" your book across the world: Make a comic slideshow of your comic strip that automatically moves through a series of pictures.
    • Post a "c-r-a-z-y" talking donkey/goat to publicize your comics (catch them chewing and put words to it) -- or whatever animal is available, in YouTube videos.
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    Teach about tragic, wasted lives... crime, drugs,
    • Show how "untouchable beauty" is a wasted life, people gawking at unattainable model beauty.
    • Avoid idolizing, over-glorifying, any stars, singers, sports figures... they often have clay feet, as in crumbling relationships, questionable morality that their fortunes can afford them.
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    Show inner beauty. How can you? Use stories including illustrations, graphics and music.
    • Use parables: Do stories with a moral message, as a great teacher said: "Condescend to those of low estate." which includes telling stories that show principles that are easy to understand.
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    Teach creativity. Teach them to start! -- begin something. Sleep on it. Work on it off and on. It doesn't always happen overnight.
    • Train kids in a "sustainable" talent: tell them, "Pass it on", to develop repeatable talent...


  • In working with kids, don't try to come down to their level. Don't baby talk. Kids need adults to act like adults. Be mature but still be fun at the same time.


  • This is especially important for men, but never put yourself in a situation where you are alone with a child, with doors closed or even behind dividers, desks and such. There are too many cases of child molestation these days. You don't want to open yourself up for possible accusations. But that means work carefully with kids at all times on guard. Show caution about things when you do great work.

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