How to Help Stop Battery Farms

Sadly, virtually everyone knows animal abuse exists, even though what is normal and acceptable to many, is considered cruel and unethical by others. Not everyone is fully aware of the inhumane conditions thousands of birds and animals experience in horrific and cruel battery farms. If you want to do your part to help promote animal welfare and get these farms banned so all farm creatures can live as close to practically possible to a natural life, start reading at step one below.


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    Go free range. Boycott factory farmed meat and eggs. On cartons of eggs or the packaging on meat make sure the words free range are present. Produce from free range farms is guaranteed not to have been raised using battery farming methods. By doing this, you will not be giving money to the animal abusers. Typically, look for cage free eggs that has the longest best before date (optional but recommended to prevent food poisoning), and lowest price.
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    If you can, rescue battery chickens. This is not always possible due to economical, legal, or other reasons, but it is one surefire way to save an animal's life. Take care of your chickens well; they were once abused and need your love and support. Be sure they have at least 10 square feet pet living area per bird you rescue, and check on them regularly to make they have food and water.
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    Donate to the humane society, RSPCA, and ASPCA or Animals Australia. While it may sound like it will do nothing, it will still do something to help the birds because they, too are against it.
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    Start an organization or join an organization to end battery farms. These organizations will get stronger and stronger to help the chickens- like adding crumbs to a cookie to make a larger one. Slowly but surely, the organizations will help end this cruelty.
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    Keep your spirits up! No matter how much you work and it doesn't seem to help- don't stop now! If you stop- who knows how much effort will be erased away! Continue trying your best to help these animals- they need your help.
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    Do your research. Learn about battery farms from the internet and books. You can also try looking at YouTube videos that are against battery farms, or create your own if you have a YouTube account. Keep renting books from the library about battery farms and chickens.
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    Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about battery farms. Tell them about what happens to the animals and why they should buy free range. Tell them about the organization you are in/started so they can join too.


  • You can have your own chickens so you don't have to go to the store for poultry products.
  • Consider becoming vegan, this way you are sure not to support any kind of cruelty.
  • Joining the ASPCA or the humane society can help.
  • If you are veggie/meat look up exactly where you get your eggs meat from, because some "free range" can be almost as bad as battery.


  • Don't trust anyone when it comes to this kind of thing. The brands only want money and may trick you into thinking that "their chickens are free range." On some brands, the front might say "free range" all over it's label, but if you look on the bottom of the carton or plastic, it will say made from caged hens! Pick a brand that does not want to pull a fast one on you, is free range, and has a longer best before date to prevent food poisoning.

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