How to Help Someone to Lose Weight

When people live together, they might face a rather ticklish problem – one family member needs to lose some weight, while others don’t. If you belong to those who don’t have any weight problems, you might unintentionally complicate the job for your family member who is trying to get rid of excess weight. To show solidarity, you can do your bit by being supportive, showing a good example and keeping unhealthy foods out of the house (or at least out of sight). In this way, you can help a family or other household member to lose weight.


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    Create a supportive atmosphere at home. This is probably the most important thing you can do. Many people tend to overeat when they are angry or upset. Do your best to prevent emotionally tense situations that might lead to overeating. Let your beloved one know that in an hour of need, he or she may and should, count on you rather than on food.
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    Set an example of a healthy diet and lifestyle. For example, do exercises together. Most often, we are prone to imitate each other. If your family member sees that you exercise regularly and eat healthy food, then he or she will try to do the same. Do your stuff without attracting any attention to it and your family member will subconsciously copy your behavior.
    • Try to pick exercise that involves time to talk as you walk, run or cycle or that takes you to a nice place, such as the beach, the local pool or a hike through the woods. Making exercise enjoyable is a big part of increasing the motivation to get involved.
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    Do not bring home any unhealthy food or drinks. The same is true for the empty wrappers and packages of the food you’ve eaten somewhere – all that might tempt the one who is trying to lose weight. You might think that nobody will notice an empty wrapper, but the person who is on diet will. If you want to eat or drink something unhealthy, pastry or soda pop or anything like that, don’t do it at home. Let the one who is losing weight see only a good example of a healthy eating.
    • If you do want to have snacks at home, keep them well hidden and consume them away from sight.
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    Encourage good behaviors instead of attacking bad ones. Most overweight people know that their routine diet is unhealthy, but they do not have enough willpower to fight their habits. Any mentioning of calories won’t help––just be supportive and patient, do not grumble about food.
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    Celebrate a big weight loss milestone together with your family member. When he or she reaches a milestone in the weight loss program, make sure you really give him or her a huge pat on the back. You could also do something fun together, such go to a movie or visit an exhibition. Just do something together to show how glad and proud you are.


  • Do not offer any diets basing on what you’ve read in the Internet or what you think have helped somebody. If a person is overweight, it might be caused by not only unhealthy food, but also by some health problems. Therefore, the first and best you can do for your beloved one, if he or she intends to lose weight, is encourage the person to have a health check and take him or her to a nutritionist.

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