How to Help Shut Down Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are farms that irresponsibly breed dogs for money. The dogs do not get proper health care, nutrition, or socialization.


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    Educate yourself. Before educating others, make sure you know as much as possible about puppy mills. The more you know, the easier it will be to help.
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    Donate food and supplies to shelters, not money, as only a small percentage of the money goes to the animals and the rest to administrative cost.
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    Raise money. Sell homemade cookies, cakes, lemonade, jam or other tasty things and raise money so you can donate to the Use the money to buy pet food and supplies for your local shelter.
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    Research the organization you’re giving money to, how much of that money goes to Administrative costs.
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    Donate pet food and pet supplies, flea control items, worming items, pet beds and old blankets, to your local food bank or church group to help the poor take care of their animals in a time of need.
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    Volunteer to work at a local animal shelter. You can feed and water the animals, exercise them, and play with them. They will appreciate it!
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    Adopt from a shelter, or a reputable registered breeder! Be aware of where your pet is coming from.
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    Adopt from shelters. (This could be a matter of life or death for these animals)Adopting an older cat can be rewarding, they are so thankful to be adopted; they give much love in return.
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    Warning be careful of the Animal Rescue Group you donate to, do they report their earnings to the government and publicly share information. How much of the money donated goes to animal care and how much goes to Administrative costs. Educate yourself about Rescue Groups large Administrative costs and only small percentage going to the animals, and how many animals are euthanized.
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    Educate yourself about animal activist groups who do nothing more than take your money and euthanize animals. Educate yourself about animal terrorism.
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    Support your local farmer and encourage agri-tourism, and educate the public about farm animals and the care of farm animals. Have cats and dogs on the farm too, for the public to engage. Support your local 4H Group, and sponsor a student to raise an animal and learn about animals.


  • Find a grant for agri-tourism; support your local farmer and agri-tourism. Visiting a farm is a rewarding family event. Search for agri-tourism farms in your state. This is also a fun class field trip. This is a great way for the public to get hands on experience with animals and learn about animals and appreciate animals.
  • Google information about the percentages of donations for Rescue Groups that actually are funds to help animals and not Administrative costs; as some rescue organizations have more of their money going to administrative costs than actually to help animals and there for they euthanize animals.
  • Be careful of becoming an activist or joining an activist group, or becoming an animal terrorist, there are laws that convict animal terrorists. Be careful to not let animal activism consume you, have other interests and hobbies, and instead donate food and supplies to help animals. Choose healthy ways to help animals.
  • If you find a lost pet, try to find the owner first, it's probably a neighbor's pet. Advertise the lost pet on Facebook, or put up fliers and keep the animal safe until you locate the owner, this will cut down on costs for the animal shelter and may better assure the return of the animal to the beloved owner.
  • Support your local 4H group, become a member of a 4H group, you can raise an animal under the guidance of experienced leaders. You can donate to a 4H group or sponsor a student raising an animal. This group teaches responsible care of animals.


  • Educate yourself about the big business of animal rescue groups that put more in their pockets than they help animals.
  • Demand to see accounting of where your donated money goes for the organization you donate to.
  • Demand that Purebred Rescue groups do not benefit from large adoption fees that are equal to and more than breeders prices.
  • Research the organization you are donating to, find out if the money goes towards administrative costs or to help animals. Find out if the rescue organization is euthanizing more animals than it is helping.
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  • You do not have to become a vegan or vegetarian to help animals.

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