How to Help Promote wikiHow as a Contributor

When you spend a lot of time on wikiHow, it becomes like a second home. It's a great place to make friends, to become a solid part of the community and to find wonderful ways to let forth your creativity and improve the site's quality. In time, you may wish to share the usefulness and fun of wikiHow with your family, friends and beyond. If this bug bites you, it's useful to know how you might be able to promote wikiHow productively.


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    Talk to your family about wikiHow. Don't expect your family members to be immediate converts, if ever. However, it is good to share your passion with those you care about and some of them may just find your enthusiasm infectious enough to check out the site and see what's happening. If they ask for your help in navigating around and finding things to do, be helpful and show them the ropes. If they appear to have some traction, introduce them to the wikiHow community so that everyone knows the connection; they'll also be willing to look out for your family member.
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    Talk to your friends about wikiHow. In much the same way as your family, don't force the site onto them. Suggest they take a look and offer to help them out if they do browse the site. If they seem to be inclined to make an edit or two, let them know you're able to help out if needed.
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    Share what you do on wikiHow on your social media site. There are different ways you can do this, such as letting people know that you've started an article here and you'd like them to collaborate on it. Or, you can let your friends and followers know you've found a great article that has helped you or send along a wikiHow link to a friend in need of a solution to a problem they might have.
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    Share links to wikiHow from your blog or website. Add articles about the things you do on wikiHow and let your readers know what you've written here. Encourage your readers to come over and take a look around.
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    Tell the wider world. If you're willing and you like chatting to bloggers or small media, let these people know about your wikiHow hobby. You might like to tell them what you're adding to the site and how much enjoyment you get out of the site. Consider doing a guest blog, a podcast or a suburban newspaper article about a craft, DIY or recipe that you've added to wikiHow, explaining how wonderful it is to share your expertise.


  • Consider letting the wikihaus know that you're willing to be interviewed as a contributor on wikiHow should an appropriate opportunity arise. There are no guarantees it will happen but for those who have done this in the past, it can be fun and you might even gain a bit of very localized fame!
  • Not everyone you try to enthuse will be curious. Reciprocate your request by checking out something they like in turn. That way, they won't feel you're been one-sided.
  • If you're asked about a low quality article by a family member or friend, explain to them how the articles all grow and improve over time; you might even suggest that they jump right in and give it a go with their own expertise.


  • Avoid pushing people into viewing or using the website. There is nothing more likely to put someone off than being forced to do it! Inspire, enthuse and build up a great picture, then leave it at that.
  • Remember your role as a contributor and only speak to that which you actually know and understand. If your friends or family have questions you can't answer, you can ask others on the forum or contact the wikihaus.

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