How to Help Out to Save Our Planet

There are so many little things that we can do together to help save our planet. Everyone can do something to contribute to the bigger picture, so why not start with one of these suggestions?


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    Population. Our population has reached 7 billion. To count this at one person a second it would take you over 200 years.
    • Support education in LEDCs (less economically developed countries). Education is vital as it makes people think about contraception and family planning.
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    Protect the environment. There are millions of trees that are getting slashed every year for land, wood and leaves. Imagine the impact that this would have on the world – all these beautiful trees disappearing in the thousands! Did you know every day, Americans buy 62 million newspapers and throw out 44 million. This is the same as disposing 500,000 trees every week! So what can we do to help?
    • One car. Running more than one car is damaging to the planet and could be costing you thousands of pounds a year.
    • Buy furniture at second hand stores. Who said that new furniture is better? At these stores, they get completely refinished so they look and feel like a new piece, without the major price tag. And, if you have any pieces that you don't need anymore, instead of hauling it to the dump donate it to one of these stores. They will appreciate the contribution, and it will help reuse the resources needed to create it.
    • Don’t litter! It’s not hard to keep your trash at hand until the nearest trash can, or put it away in a bag to dispose of later. It’s a criminal offence to litter, so it's important to throw your items away wisely.
    • Put pressure on companies to produce products that last longer.
    • Campaign. Issues could include that non of the leading world powers have taken a solid commitment to what they will do about climate change. An average american causes twice as much pollution as an average person in the uk.
    • Start compost bins, and put all your fruit scraps into it. This will act as a great fertilizer and will cut the waste we leave lying around.
    • Use recycling bins. That way, things that could have been easily recycled aren’t lying around wasted at a dump where they could blow and ruin natural forests and tree habitats. Try to encourage them around the workplace or at school, as well as your home.
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    Save the animals. Lots of animals are being neglected and endangered by human beings worldwide. Many animals are falling extinct because of human actions or the environment which we have created on top of their natural habitat. There are about 400 animals who are listed as endangered and about 160 that are threatened in the US. But there are about 500 animals listed as endangered and 440 listed as threatened worldwide. That's almost a thousand animals that we know of as being extinct or endangered! Here’s where we can help.
    • Did you know that eighteen foxes are needed to make one fur coat? Don't buy them!
    • Support some global funds such as the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Greenpeace, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). To get inspired, many celebrities are taking a stance on the issue and encourage you to do so as well. For example, singer Pink is a supporter for PETA and The Veronica's support the Australian fund, Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors in Queensland. Really take part in your chosen fund, and take the opportunity to meet some other people there with similar interests.
    • Volunteer to work at your local zoo or donate to their animal support funds. Many zoos have campaigns and things that fight animal cruelty, so why not get involved and do your bit to make a difference?
    • Try not to buy products that may harm animals, or that have been tested against them.
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    'Help people affected by poverty.' People in under-privileged countries are living in complete poverty – imagine not knowing when your next meal is! Every three seconds, a child dies from extreme poverty. Here’s what you can do.
    • Participate in the next 40 Hour Famine. This is a great organization who helps raise funds for those living in poverty, plus you will experience only a little of how much pain the people living in poverty experience daily due to lack of food.
    • Poverty is a human creation made worse when the mega rich don't pay enough taxes since they lobby governments.
    • Sponsor a child – ask your family or your school if they could sponsor a child as a group so you can get involved in making a child who has less that you do's life better, plus meet a new friend.
    • Donate any old or unwanted items to charities which support families living in poverty.
    • Wear a Make Poverty History band to show your support to end all forms of poverty, and encourage your friends to purchase them also and as a group fight poverty.
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    Spread some kindness and smiles - you can start as small as being kind to people around you.
    • Hold the door open for someone behind you instead of letting the door swing behind you into their face. It's just common courtesy, and the person will acknowledge you for your kindness.
    • Give someone you love a compliment - try to give one compliment every day! Try to keep away from material comments - whilst hearing your hair looks great can make you feel pretty good, nothing beats being told that you have a great personality or that you are an amazing friend!
    • Use your manners - saying please and thank you is only polite! Try to replace words in your vocabulary for the more polite version - for example, if you are a child, address adults as Mrs/Mr instead of their first name, unless they give you permission to, and say "May you please help me?" instead of "Can you help me?".
    • Spend some quality time with your family. This is very important, as it will prove to them just how much you appreciate all they do for you, and how much you love them. Always make time for your loved ones.
    • Try to smile as much as possible - show off those pearly whites! Smiling is contagious, so spread around the joy!
    • Go comfort a friend who is at the sickbay at school, or visit your local hospital. This will provide some happiness to those currently lacking it, and they do say that laughter is the best medicine, so why not cheer someone who isn't feeling too well up?
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    Take action in little ways every day.
    • Recycling – set up a recycling system in your household to reuse items the right way. Try setting up different colored trash cans, and have a different color for a different recyclable. For example, a pink trash can for all the empty soda cans, or a blue trash can for all the scrap paper.
    • Turn off the light when you’re not in the room – this will save electricity and money! Do you really need to have the bulb lit when no one needs the light? Natural resources like water, wind and coal are used to provide electricity, so don't waste it!
    • Plant native plants in your garden to create a home for native animals.
    • Attach a hose to your washing machine so after you've finished washing your clothes, maybe hose down your pathway or give your deck a wash with the water. This way, you will be recycling water instead of using more, and cleaning at the same time!
    • Cold on a freezing winter's night? Throw on an extra jumper instead of turning on the heater.
    • Try purchasing rechargeable batteries for your camera/television remote/toys instead of buying lots of normal batteries and creating waste.
    • Did you know that even appliances on standby still consume electricity? So even if you think your Playstation is turned off, it'll still be using energy until it is unplugged at the wall. Doing this will save electricity, and money when it comes to paying your electricity bill!
    • Print on both sides of the paper when printing to save paper. Having it back-to-back doesn't really make that much of a difference to printing on only one side, except for the amount of paper used!
    • When scrapbooking, cut any decorative paper from the sides, don't go cutting your shapes in the middle straight away! This ensures that you will have enough room to cut out more shapes later, instead of using another piece.
    • Pick up trash – don’t ignore any litter on the ground! Pick it up, and participate in some clean up the community events.
    • Keep showers short! No need to stand under the tap for twenty minutes! Try keeping your showers to a 5-minute limit, or have a bath.
    • Go op-shopping – this is reusing items, and you’re saving money!
    • Donate anything you don’t need to charity or participate in Trash and Treasure stalls.
    • Share - don't hog everything to yourself! Maybe someone forgot their lunch, or has little, or has no umbrella in the rain. Be kind and share what you have.
    • Share environment friendly ideas with family, friends,colleague,employees and children. Sharing is caring.
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    Stop human trafficking. Estimates go up to 4 million women and children each year.
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    Stop child labour. 250 million children worldwide are involved in child labour.


  • Write a speech and perform it at a community event on how important making a difference is.
  • Don't be afraid to stand up and spread the word.
  • Support any school groups or activities that contribute to those in need, and encourage your peers to do so too.
  • Get together with some friends and work on saving your community as a group

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